Embody Chair Review: Day 7

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  • Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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A while back, the folks here at Smart Furniture were curious about Herman Miller's Embody Chair and how well it would affect their everyday work environment — so what better way to figure it out than to just sit in one! I was happy to take the opportunity to sit on Embody for one week and write about my thoughts. Here's day 7, the last day of our Embody Chair review.


Day Seven

So now I'm done with this test, and I have to say that I've enjoyed the experience of sitting consciously. Normally, I get in a chair and say, "OK, that's how I have to sit to be most comfortable in this chair." And then I don't think about it until something hurts and I have to shift positions to fix it. With the Embody,  I was able to sit down and say, "OK, they told me that this chair would conform to my best posture, so how do I want to sit?" And the chair responded. From that point on, all I was really doing was fine-tuning the chair to match what I preferred for each day.


Embody Chair Casters

The Embody Chair comes with optional translucent casters


Today I was up and down frequently, including a trip to the middle of the street to take a picture of me sitting in traffic. I wasn't thinking about this at the time, but the metaphor of being surrounded by fast-moving, stress-inducing objects sort of applies in the working world as well. I don't play in traffic every day, but I am presented with stressful situations every day. It sure helps to have a chair (and I'm really not being facetious here) that does not add to my stress level by being stupid and uncomfortable. The Embody took that extra little problem out of my daily experience.

Conclusion: the Embody does everything you'd expect a chair to do exceptionally well. On top of that, it gives you an experience sort of like lying in a hammock and moves with you to such a degree that you are able to forget it's there—for the most part—and just focus on getting things done. That, in my opinion, is its best feature. Every chair has flaws, but Embody has few. I don't want to give it back, and that tells me more than any analysis ever could.


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