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See how blogger and graphic designer, Emma Brooks of Emmadime stricks a balance between inspiration and efficiency in her creative office space.

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  • Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Offices are tricky spaces - sometime they are stark & strict while others are loud & playful. How does one strike a professional balance between inspiration and efficiency? We enlisted the help of blogger Emma Brooks of Emmadime to show us her workspace. She runs a creative studio in California - where she takes on graphic design jobs and digital marketing clients. As a self-employed creative, time is valuable so distractions can be a huge setback. However a lack of inspiration can also create diversions of the mind. 

Emma keeps her office organized and clean. Though the minimalistic space may seem stark to some - the furniture pieces are design staples that engage her creative sentiment. Take the tour and get the look ... 

Emmadime's Studio

Emmadime's Studio Emmadime's Studio Emmadime's Studio Emmadime's Studio Emmadime's Studio

GET THE LOOK:    Dang File Pedestal   ||  Blu Dot Medium Strut Table   ||  Akto Stapler   ||  Akto Tape Dispenser   ||  Dublin High Bookshelf    ||  Eames Molded Plastic Armchair with Dowel Leg Base   ||  Pablo Clamp Lamp Mini   ||  Takara Trash Can   ||  Akto Pen Holder   ||  BDI Phase Display Shelf   

Check out Emma's daily life on her instagram and take a dive into her create work on her SITE. Tour our gallery of her space HERE

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