Employee Spotlight: C-Rex

  • Author: Catharine
  • Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2013
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It's that time again, y'all. We've tracked down another of the unique people who make Smart Furniture great. Since we're known for our exceptional customer service, we thought that it would be appropriate to do an employee profile of one of our Customer Servisticians, Christian Roemer. Known also as C-Roem, C Rizzle, or C-Rex, Christian just recently tried out for American Ninja Warrior and was defeated by the narrowest of margins. He graciously agreed to take some time away from making sure everyone's happy to answer a few of our questions.

SF: How long have you been with Smart Furniture, and what made you apply?

C-Rex: I have been with Smart Furniture for about a year and a half. I originally applied for the job because I was desperate to get out from under the oppression of my previous employer, and Smart Furniture seemed to be a great fit. The more I read about the company, the more excited I became about the prospect of working here, and when I got the job, a sweet rush of relief swept over me. Customer service isn't always sunshine and daisies, but Smart Furniture is great and I really appreciate working for such a great employer.

SF: Wow, thanks!

C-Rex: OK, you can take the thumbscrews off now.

SF: We hear you're a musician. What type of music do you like?

C-Rex: My musical tastes are hard to pinpoint, and the most accurate answer makes me sound obnoxious: I like what I like. Generally, my tastes avoid radio pop, modern country, and modern rap, but that's not to say any of those genres don't occasionally produce a song that piques my interest. I think the most common characteristic that appeals to me in music is a bit of originality, thought, intelligence, and creativity.

SF: Do you write music? (And also, rumor has it that you freestyle rap. Can you elaborate here?)

Rock Stars aren't made, they're born

Rock Stars aren't made...
they're born.

C-Rex: I do both. I've written many songs, and I freestyle anything, anytime, anywhere. When the C-Rex hunts, nothing escapes.

SF: What do you love outside of being a rock star?

C-Rex: I am also attracted to a different type of rock ... like, real rock. I'm a dedicated rock climber, and besides constant finger pain, I love it. There's nothing like conquering a climb that seemed impossible. Working towards that goal envelops me,    and I love the beauty of movement in rock climbing.

SF: You communicate a lot with customers. Any funny errors that you're responsible for?

C-Rex: Nope, I'm perfect all the time. Except that once I accidentally said in an email that "we can't s**t any products to Japan." I don't think we can s**t any products, but we can definitely ship them. Many laughs were had at my expense; the customer thought it was funny also.

SF: If you could be any animal, what would you be ... and why?

C-Rex: I would be a fox. They're cunning, swift, and they stay in close groups. Besides the constant threat of rabies, I think being a fox would be pretty sweet.

SF: We hear you're a mad poet. Can you share some rhymes?

C-Rex: Sure....

A poem doesn't always have to rhyme,
and I hate having to explain that time after time.
Occasionally I just want to flow,
and write down the words as the lines start to grow
while my mind races quickly,
pouring on the metaphors thickly,
but instead folks try to complain,
Poems have to rhyme, didn't you know that? Are you insane?
To them I say, "whatever."

SF: You've heard, "be the change you want to see happen." What change would you be?

C-Rex: I'd be rich so that I could give all my money away and be poor.


Christian is also a hot sauce connoisseur. This is his not-so-secret work stash.

Christian is also a hot sauce connoisseur. This is his not-so-secret work stash