Hey, Look! A Cherner Lounge Chair!

  • Author: Chris
  • Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
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We've all seen the Cherner Armchair, right? If not, just go take a look and enlighten yourself. Got a picture of it? Good. Now, we're happy to say that the Cherner Chair Company has come out with the new Cherner Lounge Chair to add to its stable of fine molded plywood furniture, and it's a beauty. (It's not designed by the Cherner, but by his son Benjamin.)


Cherner Lounge ChairThe Cherner Lounge Chair has most of the same distinctive features of its well-loved predecessor, minus the upright seated position. Keeping the chair's Mid-Century classic, narrow-necked shape, the lounge chair adds optional leather seat and back pads for the most comfortable molded plywood sitting experience most of us have ever had.
I'm looking forward to sitting in it for the first time - there's just something about molded plywood that makes me really comfortable. Perhaps it's the flexibility, or maybe it's the way the plywood is shaped into the most comfortable sitting pocket possible. Either way, I'm sure that this lounge chair will give me a similar reaction to the one I had when I sat in the Herman Miller Eames Plywood Lounge Chair for the first time: "Aaah."
So, you want details? Here are some of the finer points of the Cherner Lounge Chair.

The seat and back are one piece of continuous molded plywood. As you lean back, it flexes with you to give both support and comfort.

There's also a new, matching ottoman available.
Cherner Ottoman

You can get the same leathers on the Cherner Ottoman that you can get on the

Lounge Chair, and they look really impressive together. Don't believe me? Just look at them! Even the most cold-hearted design-hater would have to notice that they're beautiful. Fact.

When the first Cherner Lounge Chair was being made, Norman Cherner's ghost showed up in the factory and christened it with a thumbs-up sign. Look deep within your heart - you know that it's true.