An Interview with Jaime Derringer from DesignMilk

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  • Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2011
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Following the launch of the beautiful new MILKwall, a collaboration between DesignMilk and LOFTwall, we
What made you decide to start Design Milk?
Back in 2006, I had recently moved into a new house and was looking for a sofa for my home. At about the same time, I discovered the world of blogs. I decided tostart using a blog to save my Internet finds related to home décor. I also became more active online, commenting on other blogs, and began sharing more diverse designs on my blog. This is how readers started finding my site and subscribing. I realized that this was what was missing in my work life – an outlet for creativity. I felt a strong desire to share beautiful things with people. It's a passion that hasn't stopped since.

What does the name mean? Is it a meaningful concept, an inside joke, or something else?
There is an inside joke that is part of the origin, but let's just say that since milk contains vitamin D, drinking milk every day gives you a daily dose of vitamin D, but, in this case, the D stands for "Design." Design Milk is your daily dose of design. The name is memorable and once the blog got popular I decided to leave it because of this reason.

How do you keep up with the enormous world of design? Do you ever feel overwhelmed? 
Oh yes, it's very overwhelming. There is so much out there. I've had to keep myself in check by creating an editorial calendar and some guidelines. This helps balance the content every day so that there isn't an entire day of fashion and then an entire day of technology. Each day there's a nice mix – it's premeditated. Additionally, I try to feature some original content through columns like Friday Five and Deconstruction. I don't often share concepts, there are other great blogs out there that do that. All of these "rules" I created for myself are like my blinders and keep me on track.
Who are the best young (or just unknown) designers we should be on the lookout for?
Oh boy – this is a loaded question because I find it hard to choose. There are so many designers who just graduated that I'm keeping my eye on. I've been seeing a lot of great stuff come out of Israel and the UK. 
What do you see as the future of furniture design?

I think we're on the right track right now. Blogs have really helped highlight the designers behind the products, so I hope that we continue with that trend – giving designers the credit they deserve for their designs. I hope to see a lot more collaboration – both between designers and between companies. I also think that 3D printing is going to play a large role in the future of design, but I'm not quite sure we're there yet. It will be interesting to see how things evolve over the next 5 to 10 years. And lastly, I hope to see more use of eco-friendly and new materials that are being discovered and developed. We need to move mainstream green designbeyond flat-packing and bamboo.