Introducing the Turnstone Buoy Seat

  • Author: Catharine
  • Posted: Monday, May 13, 2013
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The Turnstone Buoy seat is here, and we have it at Smart Furniture just waiting for you to love it! Now you can tip while you type, wobble while you work, move while you meet, or rock while you relax. Buoy just may be the most innovative - yet simple - look at casual office seating yet. Here's the concept: people love to stay in motion. In fact, sitting on a stationary stool with no back support is the most unappealing prospect in the workplace. And so Turnstone came up with this solution:

Buoy Rocks

Wobble-based Turnstone Buoy

The bottom of the Turnstone Buoy is flat in the very center and angled around the
perimeter. That "wobble base" lets the sitter move, change angles easily, and keep
a straight back throughout the meeting. We have one in the office, and it's great.

We use our Buoy (White shell with Blue Jay top; it comes in some great colors - choose your own combination on our site) in every single one of our staff meetings, and there's always a rush to claim it since we like it so much. Turnstone really hit upon a winning combination with the Buoy, especially when you take into account the fact that....

Buoy is Height-adjustable

Height-Adjustable Turnstone Buoy

Using a lever on the side of the stool, you can raise Buoy to the perfect height for
you - whether you're as short as Catharine or as tall as Chris. Any stool that
can fit people from 5'3″ to 6'7″ is definitely worth a second look.

The Turnstone Buoy stool's pneumatic lift is smooth, simple, and designed so that it actually makes Buoy's streamlined design even cooler-looking. And that's pretty darn cool, given the fact that....

Buoy is Colorful

Colorful Turnstone Buoy

Buoy has a broad range of shell color options available - from bright blue to crisp
black - and an even more colorful range of seat pad colors. Your office will
never be the same again! (Awesome dog not included.)

Now here's the best part: Buoy is available now, starting at just $199. That price, friends, is super low for a height-adjustable, comfortable ergonomic stool. I'll be getting one for my daughter who can't sit still, so she can use it at her desk. I know, all I'm going to hear when she's doing her homework is the sound of her wobbling around in there, but at least she'll be comfortable!

Get moving - check out Turnstone Buoy now!

Turnstone Buoy