Like a Boss

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  • Posted: Sunday, January 6, 2013
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Top 10 things you hear sitting Like a Boss:

10. "Sir, it's your intern Stephen. I think he's in the bathroom crying and texting his mother."

9. "Sir, I don't mean to interrupt you, but your wife is frantic because she can't find her black card ... OK, I'll order another."

8. "What do you mean ‘I'm not qualified and I don't know anything?' I started Myspace!"

7. "That's very generous, sir, but I'm not sure that all the employees will want to go to India to cleanse in the Ganges this weekend."

6. "You want me to tell him to pack his things and go WHAT himself?"

5. "Thanks for lunch, sir, but I told you I am allergic to goat cheese profiteroles. Can your secretary help me with this epinephrine?"

4. "Sir, I know everyone is buying islands, but I don't think Bali is for sale."

3. "Sweetheart, absolutely not! I don't care if you can tint your windows with a remote control. I am not driving to your office right now!"

2. "Here's your frequent flyer card, sir. We'll see you back at Vegas Gulfstream soon!"

1. "Congratulations on your acquisition of my company. I wish we had never bet on that Texas game."

Like a Boss