May Flowers: Improving Home Ecology

We all know flowers are beautiful, and adding them to your home decor is more than just a decor trend.

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  • Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2015
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We've finally seen the last of the April showers - hopefully in your neck of the woods skies are clearing and colors are bursting with beautiful floral blooms. For years flowers have been a common gift for celebrating, showing appreciation, and offering sympathy. In full disclosure, I often gift myself flowers. Flowers improve my mood and yes ... they make me smile in the most cliche way. But I have Harvard University backing me up here. Their studies indicate that adding fresh blooms to your home helps improve your mood (while adding an energetic pep to your step), melts anxiety and stress away, and feeds the notion of compassion. We aren't saying flowers will fix your problems. But if a tulip here and there makes your day a bit better - we say go for it. BRIGHTS:  Pair bright and bold flowers with neutrals or white to bring focus to the colorful star of the arrangement. Here we used the Wrinkly Short Square Vase for a modern textured look. Spring Flowers from spring florals at Smart Furniture TEXTURE:  We love blue thistle flowers. They're modern and full of texture. If you love the odd and interesting then pick up some thistle and pair it with the Handle Short Vase. Thistle + Handle Vase Hearth + Handle Vase PALE PALETTE: When using multiple buds with varying hues, tame your instinct to go wild with pairings. Instead, partner hues from the same palette. We love pairing pales with pales - and yellows with various other hues of yellow. Here we used the Bauble Pitcher with our pale palette arrangement for a country chic look. Bauble Pither Pale Palette with Bauble Pitcher TIGHT: Tightly bound arrangements are rather common - and for good reason. To make yours extra chic use one type of flower in a bright hue. We paired bold pink parrot tulips with the super chic and modern Marconti Vase. Marconti Vase LOOSE: For those who think tight arrangements look too stuffy, simply go for a loose and free arrangement. Your flowers will show movement and personality. Here we used tulips with the Handle Short Vase in the entryway to offer everyone a happy greeting. Tulips + White Handle Vase Make sure to visit our Vases & Bottles Shop to find the perfect home for your May flowers!

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