To Mix or To Match? In the Bedroom, that's the question

  • Author: Katie
  • Posted: Monday, February 24, 2014
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Having a complete "bedroom set" rather than pairing different items together ultimately comes down to personal taste. There are two extremes involved in the comparison. A matched bedroom set can look outdated and stuffy. A bedroom that incorporates tons of styles can look chaotic. On the upside, a bedroom set can look cohesive. But the mixed bedroom can look eclectic and unique.

I tend to end up on the side of mixing. However, mixed pieces should simply add a focal point to your space instead of displaying the entire spectrum of style.  Before edging out and trying to balance on this tightrope, we advise you start small. Don't mix the big pieces. Instead, add a different bedside table or opt of of the matching mirror and find an eye-catching one. These small and varying additions will add interest without straying from a cohesive look.

For instance, add an eye-catching Mirror and Hanging Lamp to spice things up:


Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.31.09 PM

AFTER:  The Hanover Sleigh Bed, Nightstand, and Dresser
with the North Beach Mirror and the Claudo Pendent Light and Nelson Sunflower Clock.


Switch out the Nightstands for a less dated look:


Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 5.09.29 PM

AFTER: The Berkeley Bed, 7-Drawer Dresser, and 6-Drawer Dresser
paired with the Catalina Nightstand, Estelle Chair, Nelson Spindle Clock, and Urban Lights Mirror


So back to the question at hand: to mix or to match? There doesn't seem to be an absolute answer. Instead, there is lots of design latitude for you to create your own unique space. All the AFTER spaces with created using Smart Space, which you should play around with to figure out what works for your room. For more inspiration visit our Bedroom Gallery.