New Products to Brighten the Winter Blues

  • Author: Catharine
  • Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2012
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A great man once, said, "Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive." While furniture can be a serious business, it's important to remember that it can be plenty of fun too. Especially with the onset of winter — shorter days, weeks of overcast weather and cold — it's important to have elements that bring joy and humor to your life. In keeping with that philosophy of a more fun-filled life, we've added a batch of new products that are sure to brighten your mood.



New Products for Winter - Fatboy HeaddemockJust from the name you can probably guess this brand keeps things playful. With the stated goal of bringing consumers a "wonder-fuller" life, Fatboy's collection of modern bean bags, ottomans and accessories bring function and a lighthearted spirit to your life. Looking for a new way to relax? the Fatboy Headdemock is a reinvention of the traditional hammock. Available in a variety of bright, playful colors, the Headdemock comes with a metal frame that lets you set it up anywhere. No need to wait for spring to relax in a hammock; the Headdemock is a great way to bring the spirit of summer indoors. And when the weather turns, a convenient carrying case makes it easy to move the Headdemock outside and enjoy the sun.

New Products for Winter - Fatboy Buggle-UpFatboy began their operation producing bean bags for the modern life and, while the Original and Metahlowski are pretty awesome, we're blown away by the Buggle-Up. Not only does the Buggle-Up give you a bean bag for your modern life, but it lets you bring that bean bag along with you on life's journey. Two straps help turn the Buggle Up into a backpack, letting you carry it with you as you travel or head to the local park for an afternoon. The Buggle-Up promises to revolutionize your next picnic or outdoor concert experience. But until the weather turns and those activities become possible, the Buggle-Up adds plenty of comfort indoors. Just imagine curling up on this playful bean bag as you watch a movie on your next lazy Sunday afternoon. The Buggle-Up a great way to add a care-free aura to any living space.


Magis Spun Chair

New Products - Magis Spun ChairMagis is known for their emphasis on design and technological innovation, often pushing the boundary of furniture design with clever shapes and novel processes. With the Spun Chair, Magis has taken that line and sprinted past it at a pace that would make Usain Bolt envious. Made of rotational-molded polyethylene, the Spun Chair's innovative design rotates when the user sits in it. Sure, it may not be the most practical chair for your office or home, but it does provide an element of fun and enjoyment that few pieces on the market today can rival. At the end of a long day at the office, when you get out of work and it's already dark, the simple joy of rotating around in the Magis Spun Chair is sure to put a smile on your face.


Younger Avenue 62

New Products - Edie Lounge ChairCertainly more serious than Fatboy bean bags or the Magis Spun Chair, Younger's new Avenue 62 collection is a tribute to mid-century modern design. Sure, the pieces are more traditional (sofas, lounges and ottomans), but the playful lines and wide variety of fabrics promise to add a boisterous element to any space. Take the Edie Lounge Chair. A curved, "C"-shaped seat and back combine beautifully with inverted "V"-shaped arms for a look that is out of this world. Okay, maybe not out of this world — but definitely a look that hearkens back to a more care-free time. Shouldn't your living room have a touch of devil-may-care attitude? Younger's entire Avenue 62 Collection brings an element of joy and love of life to any space.

Interested in learning more about playful designs and making furniture fun? Head over to our store today to check out our entire offering. We have everything you need to stay cozy and content until spring arrives.