Office Trends: Sit to Stand and Treadmill Desks

  • Author: Chris
  • Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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Yesterday Yahoo! News released a great article about the trend of treadmill desks and the health benefits of walking as you work. In fact, the health trend of treadmill desks and sit to stand desks has been generating quite a bit of media attention lately. To summarize, the studies are in and, perhaps not surprisingly, sitting all day is bad for your health. Prolonged sitting can lead to an increased risk of heart problems and the slowing of blood flow, limiting the amount of oxygen your body receives. Additionally, prolonged sitting can effectively shut off your metabolism, causing fat to be stored rather than burned for energy. Unfortunately, even going to the gym for an hour or two after work isn't enough to counter these health effects. Shutting off your metabolism for an entire day can't be countered with a just little bit of exercise.

Steelcase Treadmill Desk at Smart Furniture

The Walkstation by Steelcase

What is needed to counter these negative health effects? Not much, actually. Simply standing for a few minutes every hour (about 2 hours per day) can increase your body's metabolism, increase blood flow levels and help burn up to 340 calories a day. And those are just the effects of standing up! Actually walking on a treadmill and adding movement to your wok routine can cause even more dramatic health improvements. Walkstations (aka treadmill desks) and sit to stand desks go beyond creating an ergonomic work space; they actually create health positive work environments. You could be getting healthier as you work.

We've gone ahead and grouped some of our favorite health positive, height adjustable and treadmill desks together for your convenience. Learn more about just how easy it is to make your work space and life healthier today.