Small Spaces: Sleeping Nooks

  • Author: Katie
  • Posted: Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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The bedroom in my NYC apartment could just barely house my double bed. Once I squeezed the bed in, I was met with another challenge - where to put all the other bedroom necessities? Scaling down the bed size would certainly solve that problem. But if you aren't willing to sacrifice your sleeping space to fit all your goods in your bedroom,check out our compact solutions for sleeping nooks:

pendant lighting

Floor lamps and table lamps occupy too much space. Find a pendant light that suits your
style & use it as a bedside reading light. If you think this is the answer your Magic 8 Ball
has been missing, check out the Pleat Box Suspended Lights.


platform bed

Headboards and footboards proclaim "Here is my bed" loudly. However, they can cut the
size of your bedroom in half. In a small space, they are unnecessary. Instead, we recommend
the use of a platform bed. It will raise the bed off the floor to keep the dorm room memories at bay
and create the same aesthetic as a bed outfitted with a headboard and footboard.
Check out the LAX Series Platform Bed if you fancy this solution.


wall shelf

No space for a bedside table? No problem. Meet the wall shelf, your new best friend.
Space-saving city dwellers have formed a friendly bond with the wall shelf. Simply install one wherever your needs take you. If you are in dire need of a more storageĀ 
add the Wall Hutch Cubbie Shelf to your sleeping nook.

If you are scouring our website for items that will fit in your small space, keep in mind that you can take the SmartProfile Quiz that will personalize the entire site to meet your needs (SIZE, price, and style).

Thanks to the Ace Hotel, Sunnysblog, and Apartment Therapy for the inspiring sleeping nook images.