Smart Furniture Customers are Awesome

  • Author: Matt
  • Posted: Monday, March 11, 2013
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Smart Furniture has the best customers. Those are not just words, I truly think quality individuals seek out quality businesses to work with. At least this example illustrates my theory.

After we sent fabric swatches to her 6 months ago, her order was excitedly placed 3 months later. And since her custom designed, made in the USA, retro styled True Modern Dane Sectional and Younger Furniture Trudy Chair took 6-8 weeks to arrive to her home, we had lots of time to converse about accent pieces and our busy lives. In the weeks of waiting we emailed back and forth 30+ times about coffee tables, daily dog walks, weekend ski trips and vacations to Alaska (mine planned and hers past). Finally the sofa arrived in January and she loved it.  She sent me pictures of her new sectional in her living room and a few weeks later the chair arrived and the elation swelled. Once seating was in place we finally ordered that coffee table.

For those of you that are already VIP customers, you know we sent out a survey to complete recently that rewarded your thoughtful participation with a 15% off coupon. Well this customer got the coupon but wouldn't let me use it on the order for her coffee table. She said "I really feel Smart Furniture need not do that. You guys deserve getting full price for all you do." Sooooooo, I applied the discount anyway. I'm not good at following direction (ask any of my coworkers).

Here's the good part. She emails me the following: "I figured out what to do about the discount you gave me: I'd like to donate it to a doggy rescue group or no-kill shelter in your area, one I'd like you to designate. Please send me contact info for the recipient and I'll take care of it. Now I feel lots better about the discount. Thank you!" (Yes, people like this exist.) As it turns out, all of the SF sales team and their loved ones were headed to a fundraiser that week for Wally's Friends, a spay/neuter facility that also adopts out animals and is just overall awesome. She took the amount of the discount and donated it to Wally's Friends to clear her conscience.

I'll take your awed silence to mean that I have validated my theory. Thank you to all of our customers who make coming to work that much better.



Smart Furniture Customer's Dane Sectional
Smart Furniture Customer's Trudy Chair