The Smart Furniture 12 Days of Eames Giveaway is Here!

  • Author: Chris
  • Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012
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Smart Furniture 12 Days of Eames Holiday GiveawayAt last, the event that's worth waiting all year - the annual Smart Furniture 12 Days of Eames Giveaway is here! From now until the stroke of midnight on December 11th, you can enter once per day for one of twelve wonderfully stylish Herman Miller pieces, all designed by Charles and Ray Eames. You read that correctly - we're giving away a whole load of iconic designs away for free, no purchase necessary. Who loves ya, baby? Smart Furniture, that's who.

Eames Lounge and Ottoman

I'm sure you're all wondering what the grand prize could possibly be. Here's a hint: it starts with "Eames" and ends with "Lounge and Ottoman." That's right, the Eames Lounge and Ottoman is on the table for the person most favored by the Giveaway gods. If you want to stop reading right here and just head over to enter, you're more than welcome to do so. I won't be offended. Well ... maybe just a little. I'll just stay here and talk to myself for a while. For those of you who are still with me, here's a partial list of the loot in the Smart Furniture 12 Days of Eames Giveaway:


Day 1: the Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair with Eiffel Tower Base

Eames Molded Plastic Armchair with Eiffel Tower Base

There's a lot we could say about this chair, such as, "Everyone loves it" and "It's a design Icon," but we'll stick with the fact that it's possibly the most perfect expression of the Eames' experimentation with wire. The base only adds to the chair's appeal, rather than becoming a side show. Besides, everyone loves it and it's a design icon. That makes it a perfect prize for the first day of the Eames Giveaway.


Day 4: the Eames Dowel Leg Armchair

Eames Plastic Armchair

This iconic chair by one of the most renowned design duos of the last century is now available with a dowel leg base. A brilliant reintroduction - the wooden dowel legs give the molded plastic chair a softer feel, and yet the metal rods connecting the legs hint at the geometric form that this chair's base is famous for. It's like an update of the Eiffel Tower base, but re-imagined with a more rustic feel.

Day 9: the Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair

Eames Plywood Lounge ChairAt the risk of outrageous hyperbole, this is probably the greatest chair ever made. Okay, okay, stop rolling your eyes and come back. Here's the checklist: (1) Greatest pair of furniture designers in American history, Charles and Ray Eames, built it. (2) Possibly the greatest furniture design invention of the last century, molded plywood, was invented for this particular product. (3) Absolutely gorgeous, yet playful and not at all intimidating. (4) In 1999, Time Magazine rated it the best design of the century.


Day 10: the Eames Aluminum Executive Chair in Fabric

Eames Aluminum Executive ChairGraceful silhouette, innovative comfort features, timeless design. Obviously Eames. The Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair is a true tall-backed chair. The elegant combination of upholstery and aluminum ribbing rises to the top of most sitters' backs. The effect is not imposing or intimidating, but it is certainly more prestigious. It retains the mystique of the old versions of executive chairs but replaces their pretentious exteriors with the simple, lovely creations of Charles and Ray Eames.

And, of course, as we've already mentioned, the incredible prize given on the final day of the Eames Giveaway is the illustrious Eames Lounge Chair with Ottoman. For the rest of the prizes, see the Eames Giveaway calendar.

You get one entry per day, 1 prize per household, and a whole room full of beautiful furniture is up for grabs. Now get over to the Smart Furniture 12 Days of Eames Giveaway and enter!