SmartMakeover Teaser (you know you love it)

  • Author: Melanie
  • Posted: Monday, May 20, 2013
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Warning: this is an itch that you won't be able to scratch. Now that you have been properly warned, this post contains images of the teaser variety. Teasing, tickling, flirting are the goals. I am not a patient person and if you are anything like me then this post might be painful to endure! As you may well know; Smart Furniture combined forces with Turnstone  (a la Captain Planet style)  to makeover The Company Lab right here in Chattanooga. Using the SmartSpace tool, The Co.Lab was able to formulate a color scheme and style that would meet their needs and ensure maximum creative collaboration action. We'll be revealing the full makeover on Wednesday the 22nd, so here's a quick glimpse behind the scenes.



Welcome to the Co. Lab



What could be in there?



Color Scheme: Tangerine and Wasabi



Turnstone bird making delivery



Some Cobi Chairs and a Stool. You could win a Cobi Chair too - just join in
on the SmartMakeover Giveaway!


Are you sufficiently aggravated? Then I've successfully done my job. Now it's your turn: give the Co. Lab a makeover using our SmartSpace application and you could win a Cobi Chair. Read more about the SmartMakeover Giveaway and start designing right away. 3 Winners will be chosen May 22. That's in just two more days!