Did You Know? Today Is National Bird Day

  • Author: Mark
  • Posted: Saturday, January 05, 2013
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That's right, folks; today is a day dedicated to the celebration of all our favorite fowl. Who knew? I sure didn't. So in my curiosity about the strange sounding holiday, I went to the interwebs for answers. What I found is actually rather interesting.

In 1894, a rather opportunistic school superintendent from Oil City, PA by the name of Charles Babcock established May 4 as the local Bird Day for the purpose of advancing bird conservation as a "moral value." The birds thank you, Mr. Babcock, because the idea must have been later picked up at a national level; National Bird Day is now celebrated every 5th of January. But why? The answer is ... why not? The official National Bird Day Website says it's celebrated specifically because, "the beauty, songs, and flight of birds have long been sources of human inspiration." Very true. Many bird enthusiasts celebrate by adopting birds and spreading the word about conservation efforts and care and keeping of pet birds.

There is a delightful section of NationalBirdDay.com detailing "10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Bird Happy". It got me thinking ... we have a rather happy bird here at the Smart Furniture offices. Meet Charles: The Eames House Bird.

Named after Charles Eames, our resident house bird has gone from down-in-the-dumps to one of our favorites. Creative Director Karen adopted Charles after he took a terrible  tumble at our studio that took an unfortunate chunk out of his beak and rendered him unfit for sale. So to the office he moved, where yet another unfortunate accident claimed his left eye. Though he's had a rough go of it, Charles now lives among us and has become an office staple. When I began my work here in fall 2011, we were instantly friends. He now spends most of his days at our desk overseeing Creative's work. So what have we done other than love and cherish dear Charles to make him happy? Well here's a little snapshot of a day in the life of Charlie:

I think we've made for one happy Bird, don't you? With plenty of welcoming faces and room to roam, I think we've done a fine job of caring for this slightly disabled bird. You too can make a bird happy in honor of Bird Day by checking out NationalBirdDay.com for donation options and conservation efforts. Charles and I would like to wish you health and happiness on this obscure but important holiday. Tweet tweet!

And if you want to enjoy a wonderful bird themed video, here's a gem from IFC's Portlandia. It's why we put birds on things. Enjoy!