Top 10: Furniture that Could Appear in A Clockwork Orange

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  • Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012
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Top Ten: Furniture that Could Appear in Clockwork Orange

A while ago — maybe a year or so — a friend who'd been in the Smart Furniture studio described it as "out of A¬†Clockwork Orange". While the Smart Furniture studio hardly evokes the frightening social fabric and commonplace violence that permeates the world of A Clockwork Orange, I knew exactly what my friend was talking about. That late 1960's–range look is all over the movie (except when Alex gets institutionalized), and the heavy use of plastics and sculpted industrial shapes still feels futuristic — even 40 years later.

Some of the furniture in A Clockwork Orange really is right up our alley. If you could go back to 1970 and give Stanley Kubrick a massive Smart Furniture gift card, he'd furnish three or four scenes of Clockwork Orange with much glee and would probably give you a high five for giving him all that nice furniture.

So if you're planning on writing the next great dystopian screenplay and want it to feel like Stanely Kubrick's masterpiece, here's my Top 10 List of Smart Furniture that could appear in A Clockwork Orange.

1. Tulip Armchair

Tulip Armchair









2. Form Lounge Chair

Form Lounge Chair

3. Marshmallow Sofa

Nelson Marshmallow Sofa

4. Womb Chair

Knoll Womb Chair

5. Dang Media Stand

Dang Media Stand

6. La Boheme Stool

La Boheme Stool

7. Tube Top Lamp

Tube Top Lamp

8. Victoria Ghost Chair

Victoria Ghost Chair

9. Cubitec Shelves

Cubitec Shelves

10. Pop Lounge Chair

Pop Lounge Chair