Top 10: Best TV Stands

As we embark upon a rundown of our top 10 TV stands, I think it's important to acknowledge the elephant in the room. [Hello, elephant.] We all love lists, but half the time they're only good as linkbait. There, I said it.

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  • Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014
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As we embark upon a rundown of our top 10 TV stands, I think it's important to acknowledge the elephant in the room. [Hello, elephant.] We all love lists, but half the time they're only good as linkbait. There, I said it.

Now that the elephant isn't awkward anymore, let's get to the purpose for this list - the purpose that makes this list actually useful.

It's really important to get "the right one" of whatever it is we're getting. The right toaster, the right office chair, the right operating system ... the right TV stand. Why is it important? Because money, time, energy, and the rest of our resources aren't infinite. Well, maybe time is. But I believe that with a decision like this - one that will impact the rest of your home's decor and use up a chunk of that non-infinite money - getting the facts is priority number one.

So here are the facts about our ...

Top 10 TV Stands

1. BDI Cavo Home Theater Cabinet - 15% off now

This beauty's got it all: infrared-friendly glass doors that conceal components, side nooks for media storage, a wide space that suits your soundbar perfectly, efficient ventilation, easy access, and slick modern design.

Cavo is good for up to a 60″ flatscreen.

Fact: No other TV stand combines form and function with this kind of balance.

BDI Cavo Double-Wide Home Theater Cabinet

Cavo, shown as the double-wide version, is also available as a triple-wide version that's perfect for
larger spaces and looks quite dramatic.


2. Cagney Media Console

Old-school style meets modern needs in this taller TV stand. A combination of open and closed storage easily accommodates DVDs and electronic components - while keeping the storage shelves dust-free.

Cagney is good for up to a 52″ flatscreen.

Fact: Casual design makes Cagney a versatile performer that can be inserted into a room of nearly any style.

Cagney Media Console

The Cagney Media Console is perfect for a casual living room setting.


3. BDI Corridor Media Center - 15% off now

Long, modern lines and easy-access removable back panels give this TV stand the goods to come out on top in nearly any comparison. If you're going Mid-Century Modern, go with the Corridor. It's as simple as that.

Corridor is good for up to an 85″ flatscreen.

Fact: Slatted doors make it possible for you to keep them closed and still be able to use your remote.

BDI Corridor Media Center

The Corridor Media Center is one of BDI's top sellers, and it's easy to see why. We love it for its looks -
and for its top-notch functionality.


4. Peck Corner Media Stand

We all know that when you live in a small space, every inch counts. That's why we're high on this simple corner TV stand. It's the perfect size for everything you need, and holds a large enough screen that your viewing experience won't have to be cramped.

Peck is good for up to a 46″ flatscreen.

Fact: Nothing was meant to go in the corner like a TV in a small living room. It's really the perfect place to put the set in order to create the perfect viewing angle for everyone.

Peck Corner Media Stand

The Peck Corner Media Stand is a friend to anyone who needs to save space.


5. BDI Cirrus Entertainment Center - 15% off now

Clean lines, cable management, central open shelves, and side compartments that hide behind infrared-friendly glass mark Cirrus as a TV stand that's built for a purpose. It's not focused on looks, but it comes by them as a result of BDI's pursuit of functionality.

Cirrus is good for up to a 73″ flatscreen.

Fact: Cirrus is a great choice for anyone whose contemporary lifestyle makes him want a media stand with concealed media components and clean design.

BDI Cirrus Entertainment Center

The Cirrus Entertainment Center also features hidden wheels that enable it to roll away from the wall
for easy cable access.


6. 36″ TV Stand

Talk about your cost-effective solutions: this TV stand is a minimal choice in every aspect but quality. We can speak to its quality by saying that it's a sturdy option - and a great deal for the money.

The 36″ TV Stand is good for up to a 32″ flatscreen.

Fact: One of our most frugal offerings, this TV stand's combination of price and sturdy functionality makes it a no-lose prospect.

36" TV Stand with Open Shelf and Pull Down Door

The 36″ TV Stand with Open Shelf and Pull Down Door is a great choice for gamers or youth bedrooms.


7. 58″ Wall-Mounted Entertainment Console

Yes, this is the way you deal with clutter. Just mount this wide TV "stand" over an outlet and your cable jack and you're all set. Just say "no" to dust bunnies and tangled cords.

Fact: This entertainment console's top shelf can hold up to 75 lbs, while its 2nd shelf can hold 20 lbs. The lower shelf can hold 10 lbs. You'll be able to put what you need on it without overloading it.

58" Wide Wall Mounted Entertainment Console

The 58″ Wide Wall Mounted Entertainment Console creates a sleek look and makes cleaning
25 times easier. Yes, 25 times. It's also available 42″ Wide.


8. BDI Avion II TV Stand, Triple-Wide - 15% off now

A classic BDI addition, the Avion II comes double-wide, double-wide tall, triple-wide, quad-wide, and in a Noir edition. All of them are packed with features that protect your equipment and allow you to use it without having to open the doors. Keeping the look clean can't get any easier.

Avion II is good for up to a 73″ flatscreen in triple-wide configuration.

Fact: Avion II features infrared-friendly tempered glass door panels. They'll stand up to children, vacuum cleaners, and the occasional Black Lab tail swipe.

BDI Avion II TV Stand, Triple-Wide

The Avion II TV Stand, Triple-Wide is on sale right now. It's one of our most popular TV stands.


9. Catalina Entertainment Center

Here's a true Entertainment Center. The Catalina is beautiful wood veneer, Mid-Century Modern construction and design, and enough storage for everything. Its symmetry is beautiful to behold. Those with large media rooms will want to give this entertainment center more than a passing glance.

Catalina is good for up to a 73″ flatscreen.

Fact: Catalina's wood is all sustainably sourced from FSC Certified forests in North America - and the furniture is made in the USA.

Catalina Entertainment Center

The Catalina Entertainment Center offers both open and closed storage in spades.


10. BDI Semblance Home Theater Package 5423TJ - 15% off now

Let's put it this way: if this entertainment center wasn't so huge, it would be our first choice. But if you have a big space like in the picture below Semblance is right up your alley. It's great design - really. It's modular, flexible, re-configurable, and each surface (doors, shelves, and cabinet tops) is micro-etched tempered glass.

Semblance is good for up to a 65″ flatscreen atop the central Mirage TV Stand.

Fact: Semblance's micro-etched doors are infrared-friendly, so your remote will work through them. As a bonus, they don't fingerprint - and that in itself is worth the purchase price.

BDI Semblance Home Theater Package 5423TJ

The Semblance Home Theater Package 5423TJ is capable of storing your entire media collection -
and a whole lot of other things.

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