Trend Tuesday: Mixed Dining Chairs

  • Author: Mark
  • Posted: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
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Eclectic ... daring ... taboo. My design sensibility doesn't fall very close to the tree. I grew up in a house with a dining table paired with matching chairs; the wallpaper pattern was repeated in the accent pillows. Perhaps that is from where my love for patterns stemmed.

However, none of these home decor rules are taken into consideration in my house these days. In fact, most of them are blithely ignored. In my dining area no two chairs match and I wouldn't have it any other way. There is something homey about mixed dining chairs coming together around one singular dining table. It is like all the differing personalities of the house are embodied in the chairs; they put aside their opposing ideals to surround the table for supper or whatever meal is at hand. Here are a couple of my favorite mixed dining ensembles:


Mixed dining chairs

The Ideal Harmonious Discord Dining Table and Chairs


This grouping of chairs is the perfect example of mix-matched harmony. It features two of my favorite chairs, The Cherner Side Chair and the Saarinen Executive Armchair. However if that mismatch of chairs is too eccentric for you then consider the same silhouette but in a variety of colors like this grouping of Eames Dowel Leg Chairs.  Using the same chair in varying hues gives the illusion of mixed chairs but with some unity. Remember, you can test out your ensemble in SmartSpace before making any final decisions.


Eames Dowel Leg Side Chair

Eames Dowel Leg Side Chair in a variety of colors


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