Verb Collection from Steelcase

  • Author: Matt
  • Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
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Just in time for the new year, we've added Steelcase's Verb Collection — an assortment of tables and accessories that promise to make any space a center of collaboration. Collaborative spaces are becoming increasingly common in the working world as employers recognize the benefits of teamwork. The Verb Collection from Steelcase promises to help your team members reach their maximum potential by letting them work together.

Verb Collection The Verb Collection from Steelcase was originally designed for use in classrooms in an effort to foster teamwork and collaboration among students. Steelcase recognized that classrooms are changing and lectures are no longer the sole method of teaching. Increasingly, group discussion and collaboration are the driving force of learning. The Steelcase Verb Collection helps to foster teamwork and discussion by providing modular tables that can link together and be rearranged with ease. Accessories like whiteboards and easels help provide reusable space for note taking and group work projects.

Every year, more companies (and schools) are recognizing the advantages of collaborative work spaces and an environment that fosters teamwork. The Verb Collection's versatility certainly extends to your place of work. The whiteboard and easel make great tools for presentations, helping you avoid enslavement to PowerPoint. They also provide a great way to take notes during brainstorming sessions. Verb Tables easily transform from desks to group workstations or conference tables as your needs change.

Not only can these lightweight tables foster teamwork, but they can be rearranged to satisfy any need that may arise. That flexibility helps reduce your need for furniture. Why buy a desk, conference table, and group workstation when Verb Tables can do it all? The Verb Collection from Steelcase helps you provide your office with furniture that can create collaborative spaces and change as your needs demand. Interested in learning more? Shop Smart Furniture's entire collection of versatile office training furniture today.