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Why Shop for Business? - You could buy your office furniture anywhere. Why should you buy yours here? Find out what makes us unique and why you'll love shopping with

What is FurnitureGenius? - We wanted to make shopping for furntiure easier. That's why we invented FurnitureGenius. Learn more about this unique tool that you'll only find in one place:

Top 10 Office Chairs - Looking for the best office chairs that money can buy? Here's your top 10, definitive resource to see which chair reigns supreme.

Aeron Vs. Leap Chair - If you've been wondering what the differences between the Aeron Chair and Leap Chair are, you're in the right place. A fun video and easy to read chart will help you figure out which chair is best for you.

Office Chair Buying Guide - Need some help figuring out what to look for in an office chair? This handy guide will teach you everything you need to know about ergonomic office chairs. Empower yourself with knowledge!

Office Chair Comparison Guide - This easy to read chart pits our best chairs against each other for your comparison convenience. If you wonder what the differences between our best task chairs is, this is where you find out.

Office Storage and Organization Guide - Learn how to get your workspace cleaned out and ready for actual work. Don't search for your keys under a sea of papers and post it notes ever again!

Top 5 Office Chairs Under $500 - Balling on a budget? Check out our top 5 office chairs under $500 to stretch your money further. Everyone deserves to be comfortable.

Height Adjustable Desk Guide - Learn more about the desk sensation that's sweeping the nation. We tell you what to look for, why these desks are awesome, and give you an easy to read list of all height adjustable desks on our site.

Ergonomic Office Guide - Learn how to make your office more body-friendly with the Ergonomic Office Guide. We outline the things you should look out for and provide easy-to-follow tips on how to improve your health in the office.

Top 5 Desks Under $500 - Looking to add a new work station to your office, but you only want the best? Are you also on a budget? This guide will help point you in the right direction.

Furniture for Growth - Are you a growing business? So are we! This buying guide gives you direct links to some of the best furniture that we sell for burgeoning businesses.

Helpful Articles

Ergonomics and Efficiency - Learn how you can increase productivity and efficiency by making your workers more comfy. Six Sigma, eat your heart out.

Technology and Office Furniture - Designers are working overtime to develop solutions to problems created by modern office technology. See some of the cool inventions over the past couple of years that are helping people adapt to new working conditions.

Ergonomics and Multitasking - Multitasking isn't humanly possible. That's why smarter workspaces will help cut down on errors and inefficiencies caused by non-ergonomic workstations.

The Office Accessory of the Decade: Humanscale Quickstand - Learn about the coolest office accessory to be invented in the last 10 years. Make any desk into a sit-to-stand workstation.

Collision Spaces - Rethink how a meeting should look with collision spaces. Cooperation and teamwork are instrumental to building a successful company, and collision spaces make collaboration easy as 1-2-3.

Culture and Furniture - Every business person knows that your company depends on a successful culture to build your brand. Furniture can help you establish an office identity that can pay major dividends down the line.

Keyboard Trays - If you're looking to make your office more ergonomic with one item, start with a keyboard tray. This article will tell you why these unassuming products are the kings of ergonomics.

Footrests - Look to your feet if you want to improve your ergonomic office space. Having an articulating and ergonomic footrest can benefit you in more ways than you might think.

Monitor Arms - You look at your computer screen more than anything else during your workday. A monitor arm will ensure that your monitor isn't hurting you by placing it at a proper and ergonomic position.

Quiet Spaces - Meetings aren't everything; sometimes you need to unplug. Learn how quiet spaces can help you and your work force become better workers with places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office.

Why Height Adjustable Desks Are Awesome - Need a kick in the pants? Take a walk on the wild side with this article that should convince you 100% to get the sit-to-stand desk of your dreams.

5 Tips to Help Prevent Lower Back Pain in the Office - If you're like the many people who struggle with lower back pain, these 5 tips may help you out.

Inspiring Offices

MASH Studios Exclusive Interview - We picked the brain of one of California's best office furniture designers. Learn what goes into designing a custom office in this exclusive interivew.

Brains on Fire Greenville Office - We helped furnish this beautiful office in Greenville, SC. Read about what went into making this industrial office shine.

Lamp Post Group Feautre - One of the coolest offices in Chattanooga belongs to Lamp Post Group. This modern office in the historical Loveman's Building has it all. Take a tour and learn more about this great local company.

Coworking at Co-Lab - This Chattanooga entrepreneurial help center is collaborative by nature. The furniture inside makes sure that ideas flow freely and access is never obfuscated.

Innovating in the Innovation District - The home base of Chattanooga's new Innovation District, the Innovation center is a combination of business tools meets business school. Hosting learning sessions, get togethers, and entrepreneurs, this collaborative space is where ideas start.

Roots Rated - How do you convince outdoor enthusiasts to come inside to work? You make the office transient. The Roots Rated writers and developers can spread out their bohemian roots in this Chattanooga office.

Creative Collaboration - If your work space requires folks to work together, this furniture will help you on your way.

Other Resources

Smart Furniture Business Blog - Check out spaces we've designed, read up on tips for your business, and spend some time with us on the business blog.