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We follow the Golden Rule of Customer Service. Here's what that means:
Each of us at Smart Furniture treats every customer with courtesy, competence, integrity, responsiveness, and respect - just like we want to be treated when we are customers. See Our Testimonials »
Smart Furniture’s commitment to incredible customer service began with our founder putting a phone by his bed every night to answer anytime a customer called - because he would want the same.
Another example of the Golden Rule is our Lifetime Warranty on our line of Smart Shelves. No fine print - if your Smart Shelves get damaged in your home, we’ll replace the damaged board for free (that’s really it).
The Golden Rule also extends to our industry-best return policy. You won’t find a better one because we offer you the latitude that we’d want offered to us.
There are countless ways this Golden Rule impacts our daily work: real human beings actually answer the phone when customers call, we respond to requests as fast as possible, we constantly improve our product information, and we develop packaging that makes our products simpler and easier to unpack.
Everyone at Smart Furniture - regardless of job title - is responsible for providing world-class customer service.
From the very beginning (the invention of our tool-free, infinitely customizable Smart Shelves), our company has been built around providing you with solutions that meet your needs and enable you to have Design Your Way.
Are tools that help you choose what you need, like SmartSpace, customer service? Absolutely! In giving you the ability to see the furniture you’re considering in your own space, we’re meeting a need that’s always existed in online furniture shopping. (Now you can see that sofa in your own home before buying it.)
Likewise, our SmartProfile, which personalizes our site based on your preferences, is also customer service. Answer a quiz, get results tailored to what you like. That makes shopping easier and less time-consuming, and it’s another way we serve our customers.
These tools were created by people who aren’t on the Customer Service Team - but they’re all making the customer experience better with world-class customer service.
Whether we are telling customers of options that will save them money (when was the last time someone did that for you?) or spending hours following up with a freight company to keep our promises, we will go beyond ordinary customer service to provide service that is truly extraordinary.
This customer service ethic applies internally as well. We provide the same level of service to team members as we do customers.
We will strive to do the right thing in every situation.
We’ll do the right thing - as individuals and as a company, even (no, especially) when it hurts. It’s what we ourselves would want if we were in our customers’ shoes. You can’t fake integrity.
If we make a mistake with your order we will fix it, at no cost to you, every time. That’s very expensive for us, but it’s for darn sure the right thing to do.
If we give you information that turns out to be wrong (since we’re not oracles, honest mistakes do happen) we will own our mistake and fix it at no cost to you. That hurts a bit less than re-shipping an item two ways, but it’s still painful - and it’s the right thing to do.
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