Designing a Shared Workspace with Steelcase

The value of designing a shared workspace with high-quality furniture to generate productivity while providing the ideal comfort level and style of every individual.

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  • Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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At the end of the summer, the Smart Furniture office relocated to not only a new office space but a shared workspace with Delegator, a local digital advertising agency, and PriceWaiter, a buying and selling platform for fast, simple, and private negotiation - anywhere on the web. To some, sharing an office with another company can seem daunting. For us, implementing the shared concept added value to our work days in terms of collaboration, community, and sustainability. Above all, we have had the opportunity to share our knowledge and passion for high-quality office furniture with Delegator and PriceWaiter.

Creating a shared workspace means blending functionality, intelligent design, and multiple preferences and personalities. Working at a furniture company means we know the best products to select and it gives us the ability to creatively design personal and collaborative workspaces with each employee in mind.

Throughout the office, each workspace is unique from desk space and lounge areas to our latest update, the conference room. To some, planning the layout of a conference room can be a process which takes little to no thought leaving the room in disarray. The reality is any space meant for collaboration should be intelligently outfitted with quality office furniture to provide comfort and minimal distraction to boost productivity. With all of this in mind, we wanted to rethink the common conference room by designing the room to be a blend of the cultures of each company.

Series 1 Chair

For our conference room, the key goal was providing seating that was adaptive and durable while delivering a slim profile around our 5' x 15' table. The obvious choice was the Series 1 Chair by Steelcase, a high-quality office chair that delivers comfort, functionality, style, performance, and affordability. It’s highly-customizable and boasts features such as Integrative Liveback Technology, 4D Adjustable Arms, adaptive bolstering, a weight activated mechanism, and back tension/angle technology. This innovative technology allows our employees to adjust to their ultimate comfort level which is uncommon for task chairs in the Series 1 price point.

It isn’t uncommon for users to work throughout the day solely sitting in the Series 1 Chair due to the high level of comfort. The wide range of available colors, shell, and finish options are perfect for making a statement in any type of office or organization. We can rest assured that anyone utilizing our conference room will be at full comfort and productivity levels with the Series 1 Chair. 

Cobi Chair

For our smaller conference room, we chose the Cobi Chair by Steelcase, a compact, lightweight chair with total comfort and breathability designed for collaborative spaces. Steelcase built every inch of this chair for flexibility. It automatically forms to the posture of the body to provide maximum support and comfort when adjusting without turning knobs or pushing buttons. Like the Series 1 Chair, the Cobi Chair is highly-customizable and built with quality materials to add a fresh look and sophistication to shared spaces.

At Smart Furniture, we know furniture and we choose only the best to outfit our office. Every person in the office can choose from a variety of desks and chairs to fit their personal preference of comfort and style. One popular chair in our office is the SILQ Chair by Steelcase.

SILQ Chair

The SILQ Chair combines forefront technology and artistry with the simplicity you have been looking for. With only one adjustment lever for height, Steelcase designed the SILQ Chair to naturally conform to the weight and position of the user’s body automatically. It is the ultimate choice for people who want to sit and go to get their day started. The intuitive design of the SILQ Chair ensures productivity, comfort, and hassle-free work days.

Bivi Desk and Turnstone Bivi Tackable Privacy Screen

To accompany the SILQ Chair, we chose the Bivi Desk by Steelcase for our shared workspace. We needed a desk that was highly adaptive for collaboration, organization, and rearrangement. The Bivi Desk features a seamless cord and cable hideaway and optional power supply for ultimate organization. The Bivi Desk has redefined simplicity, style, convenience, and functionality for our office. As the Smart Furniture team and our shared workspace continue to grow, we will have the ability to effortlessly add to our space with the Bivi Desk.

To ensure privacy and noise control we added the Turnstone Bivi Tackable Privacy Screen to each workstation. They are available in a variety of fabric options and sizes to match the design and footprint of any space. The slim profile allows each screen to be easily moved or adjusted within seconds and can be mounted or free standing on any surface. The tackable feature of the screen functions as usable space for each workstation to display notes, calendars, reminders, and even photos. 

We believe designing a healthy office for full potential and efficiency begins with quality office furniture. No two people are alike and as the popularity of shared workplaces increases the importance of providing great furniture becomes essential.