Ekornes Stressless Comfort Test


The Ekornes Stressless Comfort Test

The Ekornes Stressless Recliner advanced to it's position at the forefront of the leisure chair world by satisfying every customers first, and most important, need; it made them very, very comfortable. The ways that the Stressless Chair makes you comfortable are legion and each deserves it's own analysis and appreciation. In the following text, we'll go through the the infamous Ekornes Comfort Test, which uses a series of questions related to you, your current recliner, and the Ekornes Stressless Chair to make a judgment on just how comfortable you are, how comfortable you could be, and how comfortable the Stressless Recliner will make you.

The test is rigorous and revealing, and it's one of the primary tools Stressless uses to test, improve, sell and display their chair. With every question, new avenues of inquiry and possible improvement are explored, and it's worthwhile to know that these are the self same criterion and questions the original team used to come up with the very first Ekornes Stressless Chairs back in 1971, when they were debuted in Norway. Since then the Stressless Recliner, the Stressless Sofas and other products, and the whole Ekornes team have ogne on to huge international success and acclaim. And all because of a simple, revealing test. Are you ready to take it? Read on!

1. Are the height and width of the chair right for you?

For you to achieve maximum comfort in your Ekornes Stressless Chair, you have to make sure you've got the right size. Of the many different things that can have a major effect on your comfort and level of support, height and width are obvious examples. Unfortunately, many furniture companies and stores don't really consider this when they make their products. They tend to make one size fits all, or two size fits all (adult and child) and expect their customers to live with it. At Ekornes, and at Smart Furniture, that kind of thinking never infects the workplace. The customer should always be one of the designers; one of the folks who make creative and personal decisions about what their Ekornes Stressless Recliner will look and feel like. Height and width are just two ways we get the customers hands dirty with design, but they're two of the most important.


Ekornes Chair Size

So what's the big deal with width and height?

Getting yourself a chair that's wrong in terms of size can have detrimental effects on your comfort and support, and even your health. For instance, the Plus system contained within the Ekornes Stressless Recliner is designed to move and change, supporting your back by bending into it or bending away from it. It works perfectly and actually improves your circulation and back health; unless of course it's the wrong size. The wrong size can make the wrong kind of movement, and in the end, while you'll still be comfortable and supported, you won't have the perfect comfort and support you deserve, and the Ekornes has made sure you can have. With Ekornes, you have a range of sizes to choose from, and they take into account your height, body shape and type, and weight. To get just the right chair, the first thing you have to do is make it fit. The Ekornes Stressless Recliner is one of the only furniture products on the market that actually gets built according to the general measurements of more than one generic user; and partly because of that, it has become one of the preeminent recliners in the world, if not the greatest, period.

Get a chair that fits you. Get the Ekornes Stressless Chair, and get a chair made for you, finished by you, and perfect for you.

2. Is the ottoman positioned in the right place to give you maximum leg support?

One thing to consider when thinking about the comfort level of your current recliner is the ottoman you have to go with it. Or, if you don't have the ottoman but have the traditional unfolding extender to rest your legs on, it's comfort level. Can it be adjusted and tilted to put you in the optimum seating position? Can it be moved to the proper distance away from your chair to achieve optimal length and comfort, or does it need to be in one set position to really be comfy? The odds are, your current ottoman or recliner has not been, and really cannot be, calibrated to fit you specifically, and certainly can't be adjusted to get in just the right space. With the Ekorness Stressless Recliner, that's not true. Our Stressless Ottomans are an essential part of the process, an essential part of the chair, and essential to your ongoing support, balance, and, of course, comfort. So what makes our Stressless Ottomans so great?

Ekornes Ottoman

The answer lies in adjustment, engineering, style and fit. As with the Stressless Recliner, we make sure that the Stressless Ottoman you choose fits you, and fits the chair you selected. Fit is extremely important, and, as with most recliners and recliner companies themselves, ottomans are generally made to be one size fits all. At Ekornes, that simply won't do. The Stressless Ottoman can be adjusted, tilted, and perfectly positioned to give you the ultimate in comfort. The ultimate recliner deserves to be paired with the ultimate ottoman, and Ekornes has made that a reality with the Ekornes Stressless Chair and the Ekornes Stressless Ottoman. Fully adjustable, fully comfortable, and fully supportive; you won't find a better ottoman and chair combination anywhere.

Get an ottoman that fits. Get the Stressless Ottoman from Ekornes and Smart Furniture.

3. Does the recliner follow your every move?

The advent of the intuitive chair has been one of the major breakthroughs for ergonomic science. Ergonomics, the study of natural laws related to posture, body alignment, movement efficiency and productivity, has always lobbied for support as a major factor in comfort and health. It would make sense, therefore, that the perfect chair have within it the ability to constantly support the user, no matter what position they were in at any given time. Obviously, that meant the chair would have to move with them, would have to envelop them at all time, be adaptable and individual and flexible; that it would have to read your body and respond the right way, every time, without you having to make any adjustments or time-consuming alterations. The odds are the recliner you have now has nothing close to this ideal, the reason being that most recliners are made one size fits all, rushed to production with only padding and leather as it's concessions to true comfort and support, and sold with no real thought to how folks will actually be sitting/moving in them, day in and day out. Not so with the Ekornes Stressless Recliner.

The Ekornes Stressless Recliner was built to be intuitive, to follow your every move. To achieve these goals took a lot of engineering know-how, ergonomic innovation, and design expertise. The two systems within the Stressless Chair that have the most to do with following your every move are the Glide and Plus systems. Developed over years of pioneering research and development, these Ekornes contributions to the leisure chair industry are major milestones for the design and engineering community.

Glide works by easily, and without adjustment (unless you choose to adjust), responding to changes in your weight distribution to make sure you're balanced correctly. Balance is essential to total body relaxation, and the achieving the floating on air feeling so many Ekornes Stressless Chair users report delighting in. Without proper balance, your circulation can be thrown off, your comfort and support levels go down, and you lose a little of what makes the recliner such an attractive mainstay of the American living room and den. But Glide isn't only about balance. It's also about responding to your demands. If you want to recline, you can merely lean back; Glide will move with you. If you want to sit up, merely reverse the process. Ekornes has developed in Glide a system that knows what you're doing, knows what you want, and is able to give it to. When you recline in the Ekornes Stressless Recliner, you never have to worry about bad angles or neck strain either; with our moving headrest, also anticipating your needs, your head and neck will stay supported, comfortable, and oriented toward your television, book, or conversation partner if you wish.

The Plus system is a little different, and involves mainly back support. Many people know that your back is an incredibly essential part of being relaxed and comfortable, not to mention healthy and pain free. Your back needs constant and appropriate support to maintain your comfort and health. This is where the Plus system comes in. Every Ekornes Stressless Chair was built to accommodate the user, and that includes intuitive back support. Contained within the beautiful leather upholstery on every Stress Chair, is the Plus system, making sure the lumbar region of your back is getting every bit of the support and attention it needs, and then some. Automatically, intuitively, the mechanisms within the chair respond to your size, weight and weight distribution, and sitting position to properly support your lumbar region. When you lean back and create space between your back and the back of the chair, the Plus system automatically fills that space, maintaining correct balance and pressure, and supporting your back. The mechanism within the chair bows in and out, unobtrusively and automatically, to keep your back healthy. The same is true of leaning forward or taking up different sorts of postures; whatever position your back is in, the revolutionary Plus system will quickly and automatically keep it healthy and supported.

Get real support, real comfort, and a chair that knows how to move with you. Get the Ekornes Stressless Recliner.

4. Does the recliner's gliding movement easily adapt to suit your weight?

In your current recliner, you're most likely used to sitting back at certain angles. When you pull the lever and recline, you most likely go to one spot, with the chair fully extended. Otherwise, if you want a halfway angle, you have to keep tension in your body to stop the chair from reclining fully. This can be a strain on your back, muscles, and legs; not to mention, it isn't really comfortable. The reason for this discomfort is, again, the one size fits all mentality to unfortunately pervades the leisure chair industry. They make a chair that's one height, on width, one kind of material. Then they make it to have only one reclining position, a headrest that doesn't move, and ottoman that isn't adjustable or perhaps is at an angle or height disadvantageous to true comfort and support. They don't consider many specific heights, weights and sizes; they just make a chair they think will fit all of them, and sign off.

At Ekornes, the leisure chair is held to a higher standard. The Ekornes Stressless Recliner was built to have sliding scale of recline movement, to adapt to any weight, any size, and any preference. In the Ekorness Stressless Chair, you'll be fully balanced and comfortable, and you'll be that way without any strain, adjustment or levering (unless you choose to adjust, of course). The Glide system assures that your recline movement in the chair will be comfortable, controlled, intuitive, and adapted specifically to you. All you have to do to lean back and recline in the Ekorness Stressless Chair is shift your weight. If you shift weight back, the chair will automatically move with you, taking you to the recline position you're most interested in. Forget about the single serve recline position; with the Stressless you can back and forth to whatever angle you choose, in balance, and with no tension or stress on your muscles and joints.

As far as weight goes, many chair don't build for balance, and they can be very bottom heavy. Different users need different styles of chair, and the Ekornes Stressless Recliner was built with every conceivable user in mind. No matter what your size, big or small, you can be assured of total comfort and total balance in the Ekornes Stressless Chair, because it was built specifically to respond organically and in balance to whatever type of body is using it at the time. Because of the revolutionary Glide system, we can offer you a recliner that knows what you want, that provides what you want, and that keeps you in great balance, comfort, support and relaxation. And isn't that what every recliner should do? At Ekornes and Smart Furniture, the answer is a definitive, resounding yes.

Get the right kind of recline function for you, the right kind of balance for you, the right kind of comfort and the right kind of chair for you. Get the Ekornes Stressless Recliner.

5. Does it provide good lumbar support in all positions?

Most recliners on the market have little or no regard for specialized support structures and the demands of physiology. They're made to be one size fits all leisure chairs, but they rarely take the time and effort to make them healthy, supportive, and comfortable on a deep rather than superficial level. Without proper support for your back, a leisure chair can lead to problems down the road, and discomfort in the present. There's no reason to suffer through unscientific and unstudied discomfort caused by a lack of support in the average recliner, because the designers, engineers and artists at Ekornes have done us the favor of producing the Ekornes Stressless Recliner. The Ekornes Stressless Recliner is all about comfort, and comfort is largely a function of exceptional back support. Without those things, you don't have the recliner you deserve, not to mention the recliner your back, shoulders an lumbar region deserve.

Ekornes Chair Lumbar Support

One area of the back that is often ignored by mainstream companies is the lumbar region of the back. Despite increasing scientific evidence for the primacy of the lumbar region when it comes to back health, support and comfort, as well as the long-standing (long ignored) advice or ergonomic pioneers to take the lumbar region into serious consideration whenever designing a sitting surface or device, big box chains often can't afford to make sure that part of your body is taken care of. With the Ekornes Stressless Chair, your back will be fully supported, fully comfortable, and balanced perfectly in our luxurious leather and wood constructions. How do we do what so many other furniture makers can't or won't? As with so many other questions related to ergonomics, the answer is in technology and engineering.

The Plus system, developed by Ekornes and featured in the Ekornes Stressless Chair, is the answer to problems with lumbar region support. The Plus system is designed to fit you perfectly, and move with your body while you sit in the chair. When you lean or recline a certain way, you can create space between your back and the surface of the chair. This, in turn, can lead to discomfort because your lower back (lumbar region) is no longer getting the support it should. Ekornes fixes this problem with a mechanism, hidden within the structure of the chair, that automatically, intuitively fills that space between your back and the chair. Alternatively, this same system can retreat when you're in positions that don't need the extra support, or filling. The Ekornes Stressless Chair, built to respond to your shifts in weight and position, reads your body and supports it quickly and effectively, with no need for adjustments, arrangement or varying sitting styles. No matter your size, height, weight, or position, you can sit in the Ekornes Stressless Chair and be comfortable, balanced, and supported.

Get the chair that's right for your back, that reads your body and responds with increased support and comfort; get the Ekornes Stressless Recliner from Smart Furniture today.

6. Is your head supported comfortably as you lie down and read or watch TV?

One of the most important parts of a recliner, surprisingly to some, is the headrest. Most folks don't think of the headrest first when they thing of comfort, leisure, recliners, or support. But, ergonomic science and reams of scientific research show that the headrest is an extremely important part of the recliner when it comes to support, comfort, and ease of vision. When your head is supported the way it should be, it eases tension and stress in your neck and shoulders. That's important for total relaxation and comfort, which the Ekornes Stressless Chair offers to all of it's users. Not only is head support important for long term joint and muscle health, it's important for the activities you most often engage in while using a recliner. If you're watching TV, your head needs to be in a comfortable and supported position to avoid discomfort and maintain good lines of vision. If you're reading, the same is true; and if you're merely sitting and talking or taking a nap, the various positions your head will be in and the various ways your neck will turn demand adequate support to stay comfortable and healthful.

The Ekrones Stressless Recliner is the answer to every problem you've ever had with your own recliner's headrest. It's the answer because it's studied the problem; the one size fits all mentality that pervades the manufacturers of most reclining chairs has also infected their thinking about the headrest. They need only to make it soft and sturdy, and they consider that enough. Of course, it isn't, because not every person sits, reclines, watches or moves in the same way. The right chair has to have the capability to adapt to every user; it has to be the right chair for everyone. With the Ekornes Stressless Recliner, you'll have a headrest that moves with you, that can be adjusted to your exact specifications, and the intuitively and smoothly adjusts the position of your head in accordance with your angle of recline and sitting position. The Ekornes Stressless Chair anticipates and reads the movements of your body, ensuring that for all the activities you engage in while reclining, you'll be comfy, supported, and in a good spot to watch, read and talk. It's your chair; you should do what you want without having to worry about discomfort or sub-standard support.

So how does Ekornes do it? What makes their headrest one of the best in the world, and several cuts above the types of headrests that you see on the average recliner? It all starts with research, technology, and ergonomic principles in action.

The headrest on the Ekornes Stressless Recliner is fully adjustable. It can lie flat for when you want to take a serious nap. It can be moved into positions you enjoy that the average consumer might not; it's all about making the chair individual, adjustable, and personal to you and you alone. In addition to personal adjustment, the chair also moves with a mind of it's own; it automatically adjusts itself when you move to maintain your lines of sight and keep your head comfortable and supported. It's the intuitive nature of the headrest that makes it truly stand head and shoulders above it's few competitors; this is a chair that knows what you need and does it for you, requiring a minimum of effort and delivering a maximum of support and relaxation.

Get a chair with a headrest that's right for you, that moves with you, and that keeps your activities at the forefront of it's functionality. Get the Ekornes Stressless Chair today from Smart Furniture.

7. Can you adjust the headrest so that it lies flat when you recline?

Most recliners have a single recline position, and that's about it for laying back. You can't control how far back you go unless you want to keep tension in your body, preventing the chair from fully opening; and of course that defeats the purpose, as it's an uncomfortable proposition. This is not the case for the Ekornes Stressless Chair. The Ekornes Stressless Chair is designed to recline into any position you want it to; to go halfway back, all the way, 3/4 of the way, etc. Throughout your adjustment period, which you control totally and which requires no effort or physical adjustment on your part, the chair will keep you in perfect balance, perfect comfort and perfect support. So what does this have to do with whether or not your headrest can lay back flat?

It's all to do with total control and total comfort. When you're sitting in your recliner, the activities you traditionally indulge in are reading, watching television or movies, talking on the phone, and, of course, napping (not always intentionally!). Often, the napping is the whole point; you want to sink into a comfortable setting and relax without the process of sleeping in a bed. With most recliners, you can't achieve a truly comfortable sleeping position. And one of the main reasons you can't is the headrest. Most recliners, one size fits all creations that they are, come with rigid (in the sense of unmoving), unadjustable headrests that can actually hinder, rather than aid, your relaxation process. How often have you tried to lay down in a recliner but you're not comfortable because the headrest is forcing your chin down, cutting off comfortable breathing and putting pressure and strain on your neck, back and shoulders? If you've sat in an average recliner, you're familiar with this phenomenon. It's not amazing that the Ekornes Stressless Recliner solved this problem; it's remarkable that the problem hadn't been solved already, before the Stressless Chair came onto the world scene.

With the Ekornes Stressless Chair, you can lean back in true comfort and ease, your headrest oriented properly for napping, and not worry about the ill effects of straining your neck and shoulders; all you should be worried about is rest and relaxation when you're in your leisure chair, and the Ekornes Stressless Chair was designed to make absolutely sure that you get it. While the headrest is often not the first part of a recliner people think about, or take seriously as a source of comfort and support, with the Ekornes Stressless Chair you are assured of the ultimate rest and relaxation experience in the ultimate recliner. The ability to lay down the headrest in a flat, comfortable experience for your neck, head and shoulders is an essential element of building the perfect recliner. We're confident that when you climb into the Stressless Recliner, you won't want to climb out.

Get the very best in headrest technology, the best in comfort and relaxation, the best in innovations to make you more supported; get the Ekornes Stressless Chair.

Does the back of the chair recline sufficiently for you?

The most important feature of a recliner is, or course, how it reclines. Without that function, you loose the name and much of the purpose. The recliner was built to be the ultimate in leisure chairs; to go above and beyond the arm chair, the sofa and the chaise lounge to offer the most luxurious comfort possible. The recline function is perfect for watching TV, movies, conversation, reading a good book, and, of course, just resting, napping, and relaxing your body. The Ekornes Stressless Chair is the ultimate recline because it has mastered all of those modes and more; because it has synthesized the advances in technology, ergonomic theory and practical consideration into the most advanced, comfortable, supportive and stylish chair on the world market. You won't find a better recliner on earth than the Ekornes Stressless Recliner, and the recline function is just one of the major reasons why. Without mastering that seemingly simple but ultimately complex feature, you can't exactly call yourself the ultimate recliner, as the Ekornes Stressless Recliner is known.

One major factor in judging how well a recliner, well, reclines, is how far it can recline, and at what comfort level. The Ekornes Stressless Chairs are known for their ability to fully recline; to go all the way back and essentially turn into a kind of bed. The ultimate recliner also has the ultimate recline angle, that of the perfect cat-nap. Our headrest adjust down and the back of the chair reclines fully, giving you an extremely comfortable, extremely level surface upon which to rest. Most recliners only have one set angle of repose, and even those that have more usually stop well short of fully reclining. When you're sitting in your leisure chair, we believe it's your right to sit and/or rest in whatever way you choose; and the Stressless Chairs at Smart Furniture are just right for giving you the choice and the freedom of movement you crave and deserve. When you're choosing your next recliner, choose the one that goes all the way back; choose the Stressless Chair.

9. Does the chair feel stable?

One of the defining features of the Stressless Chairs are their remarkable sense of balance. Everything about the chair is precisely engineered so that when you sit in it, your entire body is comfortably supported in a completely balanced way. It is this balanced feature of the chair that gives it that otherworldly, floating-on-a-cloud feeling so many of our customers rave about. Perfect balance is absolutely necessary for perfect comfort and support, and that's why these chairs are so valuable to the leisure chair industry, and to international furniture design in general.

If you don't feel stable and supported in your chair, you can't truly be comfortable. That's why the Stressless Chairs have labored so hard for perfect balance and support; when you sit in them, it's like you're floating on air.

10. Are you aware of how your whole body relaxes?

The body relaxes in many different ways, and the Stressless Chairs were built to provide for every one of them. Whether it's comfort, support, style, material, balance, adjustments or flexibility that puts you in the right mood to relax and let go off a stressful day, the Stressless Chair has an answer. There is no recliner on earth with the comfort and support of these chairs; they've been built to exacting engineering standards, tested and re-tested, and put through rigorous ergonomic improvements and trouble-shooting.

Ekornes Chair Lets You Fully Relax

You whole body relaxes when your whole body is at rest; mental and physical rest. With myriad positive attributes and no drawbacks in terms of comfort, support, style, or prestige, the Stressless Chairs are the right chairs for when you're ready to relax. There is nothing better than a product built just for you that anticipates your needs; this chair was built to make reading, talking, sleeping, and watching TV easy and relaxing, and take the stress out of your body one restful session after another.

When you're ready to get serious about relaxation, get the best recliner the world has to offer. Get the Ekornes Stressless Chair from Smart Furniture today, and invest in comfort, support, and style. You won't find a better recliner, or a better value.


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