Don't Forget the Footrest!

Footrests: The overlooked Ergonomic Gem


The Overlooked Ergonomic Gem

By Christian Roemer

Improve your overall workstation comfort with a footrest. This one affordable item offers all sorts of health benefits that you probably never considered before.

First, you have to understand why your current office set up is bad for you. Most work stations promote a sedentary environment. That means you sit still all day, save for a couple of repetitive movements. Being a log at the workplace can lead to all sorts of health complications like heart disease, MSDs, added risk of diabetes, and even a shorter life expectancy.

The human body was made to be in motion. It also has specific positions that make its bio-mechanics work like they're supposed to. Here are a few of the benefits that a footrest will give you:

  • Increased circulation. Improper postures can cut off the circulation to your lower legs and feet. Ergonomic footrests position you in a way that gets the blood flowing and cuts down on foot swelling
  • Relieve lower back pain. This one will ring true for many folks. Having your legs positioned improperly puts extra strain on you lower back. Elevating your feet lessens that stress.
  • Increase movement. If your legs are too still throughout the day, circulation can suffer. Many of our ergonomic footrests like the FM500 and FM300 feature a built in rocking mechanism that stimulates your calves and feet, getting the blood moving. Notice a trend?
  • Easy installation and portability. You can add a footrest to any workstation. Wherever you normally put your feet, you set the footrest there. There's no installation required, and you can even transport your footrest from home to office and back again. Simple.

An ideal ergonomic office boils down to a few crucial items: a supportive task chair, an articulating keyboard tray, an adjustable monitor arm(s), and a rocking footrest. The key to keeping yourself healthy when sitting still for a long time is to find ways to stay in motion. A footrest with a rocking capability will keep your legs working and your blood flowing, just like they should be.