Furniture for Growing Businesses

Furniture to Grow Into: Perfect Products for Burgeoning Companies

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Furniture to Grow Into:
Perfect Products for Burgeoning Companies

Don't let your office space get in the way of your growing business.

While furniture probably isn't the first thing on the mind of growth-oriented entrepreneurs, having the right tools to set your business up for its maximum potential is crucial to successful long-term planning. A business's viability has to be scalable, and workspace can be a hampering factor when discussing growth plans. So what's the Solution? Smart Furniture, of course!

For young businesses that experience rapid growth, having furniture that can support them can be the difference between gaining momentum and plateauing. The best option for booming entrepreneurs is furniture that is flexible, multi-faceted, technologically savvy, good looking, and most of all, expandable. Below, you'll find furniture collections that check all of those boxes. These hand-picked products are price-conscious, easy to assemble, and perfect for contemporary, small business offices.

Don't let furniture slow your growth down.

Bivi by Turnstone

The Steelcase Bivi Collection is the most popular small business furniture line on our site. It's the perfect mix of everything that a small business needs to thrive. Assembly is a breeze, and a full conference table can be up and running in less than an hour. It's highly customizable, so you can arrange it in almost limitless configurations, and it's modular. That means that each piece is designed to attach to any other piece, so you can add extra desks, storage, and accessories in a cinch. When it comes to furniture that sets you up for growth, nothing does it better than Bivi.

What our customers say: "These desks were perfect to fill out our space. They are super easy to assemble and the future flexbility is great since we still have room to grow."

"I share the desk with an office mate, and there is little to no residual shaking/vibrating from his work, and we're able to keep our space tidy and autonomous. We elected for the Bivi divider and trunk for the side, so we have plenty of storage, adequate desktop space, and it looks nice to boot."


Currency by Steelcase

The Currency Line by Steelcase is a contemporary take on traditional office furniture. The desks are large and expansive, the storage is stationary, and you can choose from a variety of finishes. The desks aren't expandable or modular like some other collections of office furniture, but the line is stylish and simple. The price point is on the lower end of the spectrum, and it's backed by the Steelcase brand name. Affordable doesn't mean cheap, and traditional doesn't mean old-fashioned.

What our customers say: "It's large, spacious underneath, simple, beautifully-crafted, strong, durable, easy to clean and attractive."


Tyto by Bestar

Tyto has a great, modern look at a median price point. Traditional configurations like desks with returns, hutches, and peninsulas are all possible in this collection from Bestar. Available in offsetting Cherry/White or full Cherry finishes shifts the aesthetic from bold to conservative. Tyto works best for offices with segmented workspaces or separate offices where the staff needs private quarters to concentrate. Storage is abundant, so if your company seems to amass paperwork, it has you covered.


Motivate by HON

The Motivate collection is perfect for the office on the move. Foldable tables with casters and lightweight, portable chairs are the hallmarks of this line. Smaller and newer businesses probably don't have the capital to invest a bunch of money on specific office spaces for different types of work, so multifunctionality is invaluable. That's where Motivate excels. The tables are on the upper end of the price spectrum, but the chairs are highly affordable. Collaborate with your staff with ease and at the drop of a hat.


Professional Collection by Bestar

The Professional Line by Bestar is a throwback collection. It has the low-height look of a midcentury newspaper office, and the smaller workspaces are ideal for a more nomadic workforce. As technology continues to improve, the formal office will become more and more of an antique, so having furniture that is accommodating when needed but not invasive is a great asset. The Professional collection isn't large, but still works well for individual workspaces. One of the best features of this line is its ability to add on cubicle units whenever you need them. Nothing is more valuable to a company with a ballooning workforce than furniture that grows with you.


Zeitnah by Bestar

Zeitnah looks great, is modular, and gives your small business everything it needs to thrive. Available arrangements include an executive office, a shared office for two, and a secretary desk. Highly affordable, these items are ideal for capital-strapped scrappers that need the right platform to blast into the stratosphere. Storage space abounds, and it all looks good to boot. Zeitnah was made for small business.


Call us for help!

Smart Furniture loves small business. We understand the attitude and atmosphere needed to thrive in a competitive market, and we believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. Our sales team is available for advice and free design assistance six days a week. Also, be sure to check out our Business Resources page for advice on how to furnish your workspace. We believe that furniture can be a powerful tool in building your business. Let us help you by making your office the best place it can be.