Why You Need a Sit-to-Stand Desk

Why You Need a Height-Adjustable Desk
Seriously, Come On Already

Hey you. Yeah you. You want to know what this is? This is a sit-to-stand desk. I'll bet you don't even know what that means, so let me educate you. That means you can sit at this desk. And you can stand at this desk. Got it? Good.

Let me tell you why you need one of these desks:

  1. You could use some exercise. Your body doesn't like you, and it wants to move. Let it live a little…like you used to back in Cabo. I mean, if sitting still was an Olympic sport, you would probably win the gold metal. But it's not an Olympic sport. So you don't win anything.
  2. Everyone's doing it. Google is doing it. Facebook is doing it. Everybody is on the sit-to-stand bandwagon and you're glaring at it from the sidelines. Get with the program.
  3. Stand up and stretch for a second. Felt good right? Do you wish you had more opportunity to stand up and stretch the ole hindquarters throughout the day? Well guess what, champ. THAT'S WHAT A SIT-TO-STAND DESK LETS YOU DO ALL DAY EVERY DAY. You could be living the dream, but instead you're dozing off at your desk like grandpa in front of the TV after Thanksgiving dinner. Guess what? It's not a good look.

Sold yet? Look, I could list out all of the different statistics and studies that say sitting all day is bad for you. I could tell you all about how many calories you could burn by standing up periodically throughout the day (Up to 120 per day), and I could tell you all the bad things that your stationary set-up is doing to you (Back pain, neck pain, other MSDs, poor circulation, upped risk of cancer and heart disease, obesity, diabetes, loss of range of movement, shortening your frickin' life). I could tell you how bad you feel with your current set up. I won't though. You know why? Because you already know you feel bad deep down and you just need to come to terms with it.

So how do you come to terms with it?

You make a change and buy one of these awesome sit-to-stand desks and watch your workspace go from a 4 to 10. You'll feel better, look better, and work better. Heed the call already. Sheesh.