Knoll Furniture - Company Profile

Knoll Furniture Company Profile

Knoll is an internationally famous designer, manufacturer, and dealer of fine furniture. Knoll maintains manufacturing plants, design studios, artists, photographers, architects, as well as showrooms and museum exhibitions. Knoll is headquartered in East Greenville, Pennsylvania. Manufacturing is accomplished at three sites in the United States (Grand Rapids, Muskegon, East Greenville), one in Canada (Toronto), and two in Italy (Foligno and Graffignana). There are more than 300 Knoll dealerships across the country, more than 100 showrooms, and even a Knoll museum. The Knoll furniture company recently became available on the New York Stock Exchange.


Platner Chair


Knoll is a recognizable brand around the world, and especially in the United States. American owned and operated for more than 70 years, Knoll has been an enduring presence on the national scene. For fine furniture, no company can equal Knoll's reputation, output, or quality.

Florence Knoll

The animating presence behind Knoll furniture for the last half century has been Florence Knoll. The creator and implementer of the total design principle, as well as the most accomplished architect and designer employed by the company, Knoll drove the company to great heights. For her efforts, career and art, Ms. Knoll was awarded the National Endowment for the Arts' National Medal of Arts in 2002.


Saarinen Side Table



Knoll is committed not only to superlative aesthetic and functional design, but also to environmental responsibility. Before it was mandated or fashionable, Knoll furniture adhered to an Environmental, Health & Safety Management Plan. This plan makes sustainable design a reality for Knoll, while for so many other, larger companies it remains on the to-do list. Knoll has several partnerships along environmental lines to keep their work responsible and raise awareness. These relationships include: the GREENGUARD Environmentl Institute, the U.S. Green Building Council, the Forest Stewardship Council, and THE GREEN Knoll also makes a point of collaborating with environmentally conscious designers, like wood-worker and poet George Nakashima, creator of the Nakashima Straight Chair.


Womb Chair


Good Design

The most important fact about Knoll furniture is that they are committed to excellent design. For Knoll, design isn't just about aesthetics or utilitarian organization; it's about making the home, the office, and the spaces in which life is lived as pleasing to the senses as possible. It's about function, form, beauty, spatial arrangement, and total synchronization of the ideal room. Knoll furniture believes in the principles of total design espoused by design titan Florence Knoll: Every inch of ever room and every stick of every piece of furniture deserves the attention of the architect and designer just as much as every other room and piece. The thing, the space, the room, the building--total design aims for harmony, loveliness, and elegance.


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