Live Chat Hall of Fame

The Live Chat Hall of Fame

At Smart Furniture, we take pride in our live chatting. We enjoy them so much, in fact, that we've decided to share some of our most outstanding live chats with you. In addition to their entertainment value, we hope that the live chat hall of fame proves a couple of things about Smart Furniture as a whole:

1. We can help you shop.
We know you need questions answered. That's why our sales team actually uses the products on our website- to help you make the most informed decision possible when shopping with us.

2. We are real people who really care about our customers
One of the most frequently asked questions we get in live chat is: "Are you a real person?" It's an understandable question, given the number of robots and software programs that are out there. We think that a robot would be hard-pressed to match our live chat skills, because we are real people chatting to you from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we deliver real solutions to our customers.

Nat's Boyfriend

Robert: Tell your cheap boss to get you one for ergonomic reasons!! It's the law!!
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Pizza Castle

Melanie: Welcome to Smart Furniture! How may I help you?
Anderson: hi i am looking for the pizza castle site can you direct me to it
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Sammy the Sailor

Melanie: Are you a pirate?
sammy the sailor: are you a real person?
Melanie: Arrrrrgh. Aye.
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Who's the Vice President?

you: are you in india?
you: or you are from eastern europe
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Velvet Elvis Return Policy

Mike: what if I buy a different chair from you?
Karen: We will then frame your picture and put spotlights on it.
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Hugs for Everyone

Interested: do you have the hug salt and pepper shaker set in stock?
Karen C: We have 1,000,000,000 in stock
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The One Night Stand

Karen: it folds into a queen size. Would that be large enough for you?
John: what if someone were to join me in the bed?
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The Marriage Proposal

Natalie: Welcome to Smart Furniture! How may I help you?
jon: good thank you!
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