Live Chat Hall of Fame - The One Night Stand

The One Night Stand

Blu Dot One Night StandKaren: Welcome to Smart Furniture! How may I help you?
Karen: Are you wanting to speak with Melanie?
john: no, i wanted to ask you about your one night stand bed/couch
Karen: I would be glad to help you John. What questions do you have?
john: dob you know how well it feels to sleep on?
Karen: Well John, the One Night Stand is very firm. Were you looking for something softer?
john: no, i like it firm. thankyou
Karen: What other questions did you have about the sofa?
john: is it easy to fold out? i currently have a dislocated disk
Karen: It is very easy to fold out - basically the back of the sofa is pushed down to form the bed.
Karen: Do you have a weight restriction due to your back condition?
john: hmmm, thankyou and yes! i am not allowed to be lifted weights and am currently seeing a chiropractor.
Karen: The back of the sofa may be a bit to heavy for you to support as it is lowered to the floor then as the sofa is of a good size.
john: hmm well it also might not fit my size. i am 6 foot 3 and wiegh in at around 220 lbs
Karen: Well, it folds down into a queen size bed. Would that be large enough for you?
john: yes actually it will be! but what if someone were to join me in the bed? would it still be big enough? i am currently living out of my truck and have been having problems bring chick back after a night out with my friends
Karen: Well John. I guess that would depend on the size of the chicks you bring back!
john: well, i live in alaska....we go big or go home :(
Karen: Bummer.
Karen: Seriously though, what other questions do you have about the sofa.
Karen: We don't have anything larger than the One Night Stand.
john: ok, well that will have to be it then. but once i get the girls back to my place, i need to set the mood. what is your favorite stereo system you have?
Karen: Unfortunately we don't sell stereo systems so I can't help you there.
john: no radios, ihome type thingys or music making devices of any type?!?!
Karen: None at all John. Just the tune that aimlessly floats thru my head at times.
Karen: Is there anything else I can help you with?
john: what does that tune happen to be? because i usually have the black eyed peas running circles in mine! hahaha
Karen: It usually begins with the theme song to Hawai 5-O then switches to Jeepers Creepers which transitions to Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses.
Karen: :)
john: haha i almost pissed myself when slash did the superbowl halftime the the black eyed peas
Karen: Not the best of times huh?
Karen: John, if there isn't anything else I can help you with, I thank you for your interest in Smart Furniture.
john: well....slash was great but fergie sucks at signing live
john: thank you karen! it was splendid to talk to you! i hope you have a wonderful day and even better night