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Smart Furniture News

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Adobe Blog - Smart Furniture Optimizes

"A Model for Digital Optimization Maturity" - Digital Marketing by Adobe

"Smart Furniture recognized this as a core optimization dimension and one in which it could excel. The company appointed eight product managers for each Adobe Marketing Cloud solution and encouraged employees at all levels to learn from and collaborate with one another—not just to review specific solutions, but also to learn the integrations between those solutions, enabling them to tell a richer results-driven story and determine actionable next steps to propel the business forward."

Smart Furniture Personalization Technology

"Using Personalization Technology to Enhance Customer Engagement" - CETWorld

"There truly is no limit to what you can do with personalization. The question is what should you do? The simple answer is to use personalization as a tool to create a more meaningful connection between your customer and products (and vicariously, you and your customers). As retailers, our role in the value chain is to know our products, to know our customers, and to connect the two. Your personalization tools should be the place where you showcase your understanding of how your products solve the problems of your customers."

Smart Furniture Wins Customer Engagement Award

"14 Retailers Win Customer Engagement Awards" - Retail Touchpoints

"This year, Retail TouchPoints is proud to honor 14 retail companies that have embraced customer engagement and implemented solutions and services that are delighting customers and boosting revenue. Each of this year's winners has taken the initiative to deliver a more satisfying level of service and improved experience to the demanding shopper base. The award winners are ahead of the curve and are achieving business success in this increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace."

Smart Visualization

"Smart Visualization" - Retail Info Systems News

"Since 2001 Smart Furniture, an online furniture retailer and pioneer of the innovative design-on-demand model, has been customizing furniture to personalize customers' spaces. Everyone from homeowners to business owners has a space to make more attractive, productive or organized ... if it's easy enough. In order to allow customers to design their own furniture and spaces quickly and easily, the retailer developed the SmartSpace design-on-demand platform."

Smart Customization

"Custom Furniture, Custom Experience" - Chain Store Age

"... in July of this year Smart Furniture launched the beta of an in-house-developed customer-facing application called Smart Space that uses 3-D tools to help customers visualize exactly how a product will look in the dimensions of their personal space. The retailer used a responsive design strategy to allow Smart Space to automatically optimize its visual display for the customer's Internet device."

Off-season storage solutions

"Off-Season Storage Solutions" - Real Simple Magazine

"Unsure how to maximize that wedge of wasted space under the stairs? Turn it into storage for summer-party supplies with a deep modular unit that exploits every last inch. Build in stability by filling from the ground up, placing the heaviest items, like platters, beverage dispensers, and bottles of wine (laid horizontally), on the bottom. Put high-frequency goods at eye level, and use pretty baskets to corral small doodads, like coasters and stirrers. Genius repurposing tip: Flat document boxes can archive place mats and cocktail napkins." Here's what they're talking about: 4' Trilogy Staircase Shelf

Smart Furniture Pricewaiter

"'Name That Price' Option Boosts Conversions for" - Internet Retailer

"PriceWaiter [...] provides a hosted price-negotiation application that presents a Name Your Price button on a product buy page. A customer can click the button to enter a price, then typically receive within minutes if not seconds an e-mail that either accepts or rejects their offer. If the Smart Furniture rep accepts the price, the customer can then click a link from the e-mail to complete the purchase [...]"

Selling Luxury Online

"What it Takes to Sell Luxury Online: 5 Questions with Smart Furniture CEO T.J. Gentle" - Marketingland

"With existing customers eight times more likely to make a purchase than a new customer,'s conversion rates reinforce Gentle's philosophy that the best marketing is outstanding customer service when it comes to the luxury brand audience.'When people are spending that much money, they really want exactly what they want,' says Gentle. 'Our focus has been to provide great service to be rewarded with repeat business.'"

Targeted Email Campaigns

" Drives Sales with Targeted Email Campaigns" - Retail TouchPoints

", an online-only furniture company, leverages a series of targeted emails to connect with customers throughout their unique browsing and buying journeys, acquire customers and drive incremental sales. As of June 2013, the email series was accounting for approximately 8% of overall monthly revenue, according to T.J. Gentle, CEO of"

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