Smart Furniture on HGTV's I Want That!

Noted Harvard Professor Praises Smart Furniture on HGTV’s I Want That!

Chattanooga, Tennessee -- October 23, 2006 --. Smart Furniture, Inc. was recently featured on HGTV’s hit television program I Want That!. The episode was fi lmed in the home of Dr. Steven Pinker, a Harvard professor and award winning author who was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the “World’s 100 Most Infl uential People.”

Show host Kendis Gibson introduced the Smart Furniture segment by stating: “If you read a lot, you are probably always looking for that perfect bookshelf, but as far as style goes, they can be, well, a little dull. But what if your shelves could be a little Smarter?”

The segment highlighted Dr. Pinker’s use of Smart Furniture's Smart Shelves in his home, including an extensive collection of books in his home library and his clothing in his closets. Dr. Pinker explained how he uses Smart Furniture to organize his items into clean “cubes”, making everything easy to fi nd and organized. Dr. Pinker added, “What’s nice about [Smart Furniture] is if you change your mind or move, you can always grow them, change them, break them up, merge them, or whatever you need to do.” Dr. Pinker then concluded, “I think this is the ultimate utopia of book shelving for a book nut.”

Smart Furniture is an Internet based company headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Smart Furniture provides customized shelving products, organizational workspaces, and display solutions for customers worldwide via the web at Combining an award winning product line with an innovative web platform, Smart Furniture provides customized products that fi t its customers’ unique needs.