Harvard Professor and Author Gives Smart Furniture an A+

It's only logical that one of the world’s leading intellectuals would surround himself with "smart furniture." Indeed, last fall Dr. Steven Pinker, Harvard professor and best-selling author, was featured with his Smart Furniture Inc. shelving on the HGTV program, I Want That! Standing in his library of wall-to-wall books, Pinker said, "I think this is the ultimate utopia of book shelving for a book nut." Smart Furniture is a Chattanooga-based company that provides customized shelving products, organizational workspaces and display solutions for customers via the web at

Smart Furniture Founder and President Stephen Culp was understandably delighted with the endorsement from Pinker. "We are thrilled that HGTV and Dr. Pinker are so enthusiastic about Smart Furniture,” he said. "Furniture and fixtures don't traditionally generate excitement outside of interior design circles, but Smart Furniture has struck a real chord in the market.

"As Dr. Pinker's example shows, our Design on Demand model empowers customers of all kinds to design what they want, not what some furniture store tells them they want. And as HGTV's I Want That! demonstrates, our design concept is revolutionizing an industry, one customer at a time." Show host Kendis Gibson introduced the Smart Furniture segment by noting, "If you read a lot, you are probably always looking for that perfect bookshelf, but as far as style goes, they can be, well, a little dull. But what if your shelves could be a little smarter?"

The segment highlighted Pinker's use of Smart Furniture to organize his vast book collection, as well as his clothing.An evolutionary psychologist and linguistic theorist, Pinker said that when placed in Smart Furniture shelving cubes his books and belongings are tidily arranged and easy to find. "Cubes make me feel calmer," he said. In 2004 Smart Furniture was featured on HGTV in nine episodes of Mission: Organization. The company has also been in the spotlight on ABC-TV, the Discovery Channel and Turner South. View the I Want It! program featuring Pinker at