Smart Furniture Adds the Knoll Generation Chair Adds Knoll Generation Chair to its Smart Designer Platform

Chatanooga, Tenn.--Smart Furniture announced today that the Generation by Knoll is now available, and fully customizable in 3 minutes at

The Generation chair by Knoll (NYSE: KNL) is the first chair of its kind to offer "elastic design," a product of years of research and innovation. The result is a highly adaptable, flexible, and functional chair that breaks down the barriers of conventional wisdom in office chair design. The Knoll Generation chair allows people to sit in the chair backwards, sideways, or slouched--all while remaining comfortable.

The Generation Chair is "smart" furniture in more ways than one, including environmental sustainability. Rated Sustainable Platinum under the SMaRT Consensus Sustainable Product Standards, and consistent with Knoll's holistic approach to sustainability which considers all three criteria of the sustainability triple bottom line: environmental, social and economic impacts.

Smart Furniture CEO T. J. Gentle: "The Knoll Generation chair sets a bar for office chair design. Nothing about this chair is derivative or uninspired, and its flexibility lends itself well to our 'Smart Designer' platform, where customers can customize their Generation chair online, on the spot."

Founder and Chairman Stephen Culp added: "Knoll's approach to the Generation chair is consistent with Smart Furniture's core belief about furniture design. It liberates movement rather than restricting it. It embraces different workstyles rather than dictating one. It focuses on the uniqueness of each customer." Culp added, "Knoll has created an office chair that uniquely serves its human companion by adapting to his or her individual style, rather than the other way around."

More information about Generation by Knoll is available at at