Smart Furniture Makes Multiple Appearances on National TV

Innovative Web-Based Shelving Company Smart Furniture Makes Multiple Appearances on National TV

Smart Furniture showcases customer-designed product on cable and primetime home shows

Chattanooga, Tenn., April 30, 2004 - Smart Furniture, a web-based custom shelving and display company located in Chattanooga, has been busy this spring making their television debuts on a variety of highly rated primetime and cable networks, including HGTV, Turner South, and ABC. All three of these networks became interested in Smart Furniture's tool-free organizational and display solution upon viewing the company's website:, and contacted them about appearing on one of their home shows. "It's exciting to know we landed these features simply by focusing on customer demand for an attractive, versatile, inexpensive solution, and making it visible on the web," says Stephen Culp, CEO of Smart Furniture. "All three were attracted to the fact that our product could be designed to fit their particular specifications, shipped overnight and then easily assembled on their set."

Home and Garden Television’s Mission Organization
After their first experience with Smart Furniture, Home and Garden Television kept coming back for more. Smart Furniture will be featured in five separate episodes of HGTV's "Mission Organization."

Turner South Network's Southern Home By Design
Turner South’s "Southern Home By Design" program not only asked to use Smart Furniture in their Home Office set, but also invited Culp to appear on screen with the show hosts to promote the product. On their episode entitled "Smart Furniture," Turner South dedicated an entire segment to discussing Culp's innovative solution to their challenge— in this case, building shelves over and around a Murphy bed. In addition, the Southern Home By Design crew traveled to Chattanooga – the show's first shoot outside of the studio – to explore the Smart Furniture design studio and warehouse and interview the team.

ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Most recently, ABC's new hit "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" used Smart Furniture in the show's two-hour season finale that aired on May 6. During the remodeling of a New York City loft home, the crew used Smart Furniture as an efficient solution to the residence's limited storage space. The product's quick and simple, tool-free assembly came in handy since the crew only had twelve hours versus the usual week to complete this extreme home makeover. The show did a live reveal to the homeowners at the end of the program. Smart Furniture has received a number of inquiries as a result of its appearance on the show and credit on the program’s website.

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Smart Furniture provides patented organizational, workspace and display solutions for customers in all 50 states and Canada via the web at Combining the most functional aspects of web technology and industrial design, Smart Furniture saves both company and customer three precious resources: time, space, and money. On the forefront of the accelerating migration to "smart" products, Smart Furniture sets a benchmark in design, mass-customization, and the customer service experience.