30 inch Emeco Barstool


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30" Barstool by Emeco
designed by Philippe Starck

Inspired by Mies van der Rohe and cafe society. Ethereal. Indestructible. Coveted by museums . . . and design muses.

  • Made with 80% recycled aluminum content
  • Dimensions: 30" h x 14" w x 14" d
  • Available in brushed or polished aluminum
  • Optional upholstered seat pad
  • Matching foot ring
  • Estimated lifespan of 150 years or more

The prototype version of this stool was first used in 2001 for the Mies van der Rohe retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for a recreated cafe that Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich originally designed, a beautiful space with waving curtains. The museum selected these stools as pieces that might have been chosen by Mies van der Rohe today.

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Materials & Measurements

Recycled aluminum, both post consumer and post industrial

Overall: 30" h x 14" w x 14" d
Seat height: 30"

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Environmental Information

Emeco uses 80 percent recycled aluminum to make its chairs, and the aluminum content in Emeco chairs are 100 percent recyclable. During the production process, aluminum emits no VOCs or aldehydes in any measurable concentration.

In addition to using environmentally friendly materials in the production process, Emeco uses 100 percent recyclable shipping and packing materials (they even use paper tape).

About The Manufacturer

Emeco Furniture LogoEmeco's founder, Winton C. Dinges, was a master tool and die maker with an engineering background. He believed that a hands-on approach to production using outstanding materials would lead to outstanding design and outstanding furniture. It is a vision that has served Emeco well since 1944.

Few organizations have as storied a history as the Electric Machine and Equipment Company. Emeco's first major achievement was the Navy Chair- a chair designed in collaboration with ALCOA for seaworthiness. Since then, it has expanded its offering but held closely to Dinges' vision. Emeco and its manufacturing facilities are based in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

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Shipping Specifications:
container size: 23" x 20" x 33"
container weight: 15 lbs

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Product Q&A

Q: Can the 30 inch Emeco Barstool be used outside?
A: The 30 inch Emeco Barstool in the brushed aluminum finish can be used outdoors with periodic cleaning. Emeco does not recommend the polished finish or powder coat finishes to be placed outdoors.

Q: Can I customize the 30 inch Emeco Barstool?
A: The 30 inch Emeco Barstool is available in brushed aluminum and polished aluminum finishes, with an optional seat pad. The choice is yours.

Q: Is the 30 inch Emeco Barstool recyclable?
Absolutely! Emeco uses 80 percent recycled aluminum to make its chairs, and the aluminum content in Emeco chairs is 100 percent recyclable.

Q: Is the 30 inch Emeco Barstool stackable?
A: The 30 inch Emeco Barstool is not stackable.

Product Q&A


The Emeco Stool comes with a lifetime warranty.

For more information, please see the Emeco warranty guide.