Free Range Coffee Table by Blu Dot

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Color : Walnut
In Stock
Ships out March 1-6

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Free Range Coffee Table
by Blu Dot

Free Range Coffee Table At A Glance:
Ingeniously captured by grooves in the solid walnut legs, honed white marble rests in suspension to form the top of the Free Range Coffee Table. Throw in brass detailing and a black powder-coated steel frame, and the piece is complete. We think it's highly attractive and worthy of admiration, and promise to ring a cowbell each time a Free Range table finds a home with one of y'all. One of us will even make a mooing sound, and his co-workers will want to poke him with cattle prods.

Also available as a side table.

What's To Like:
Fine materials and unique form. There's something about the combination of marble and walnut that captures our fancy. Perhaps it's the implication of wealth - or maybe it's the legitimate quality of the actual materials themselves. Either way, you could just stick them together, but Blu Dot went farther and made the Free Range Coffee Table into a work of art. It's really pretty.

What's Not to Like:
If you drop something hard and heavy on the tabletop, all bets are off. It'll probably crack. Just stay away from it with anvils, alright?

The Bottom Line:
It's not USDA Organic, but the Free Range Coffee Table is all natural and fully beautiful. It'll suit just about any living room, unless you have people in your home who like to throw anvils.


  • Overall dimensions: 14.5" h x 36" diameter top
  • Honed marble top
  • Solid walnut legs
  • Black powder-coated steel central frame
  • Brass hardware

Materials & Measurements

Honed marble top, solid walnut legs, powder-coated steel supports, brass hardware

36" diameter top x 14.5" height

About The Manufacturer

Blu Dot FurnitureBlu Dot was founded in 1997 by John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, three college friends who wanted to bring modern design and quality furnishing to everyone. Based in Minneapolis, Blu Dot does just that today- designing tables, chairs, sofas, and a variety of home accessories. Blu Dot furniture has a distinct feel and appearance- its products achieve a definite flair despite a minimalist appearance.

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Design Story

The Free Range Coffee Table is among our most ingenious, surprising, and ultimately beautiful coffee tables. Designed like a sculptural work of art, the table combines sturdy walnut legs with a single round slab of marble supported entirely by notches made in the wood. The legs themselves are steadied with a connecting piece underneath the table, but that's it - "free range" indeed. The suspended marble surface of the table is a powerful design statement that can define the room it's placed in (though not overwhelm it).

This is a bold piece from a bold company. Blu Dot has made their reputation producing furniture like this - furniture that maintains the necessary functionality it's intended for, but pushes the boundaries of contemporary style in new and surprising ways. The Free Range Coffee Table is a completely unique work of furniture - it's also indisputably a work of art. The coolness of the marble and the warmth of the walnut legs mix together in welcome contrast, and the suspension of the heavy table is just, well, cool. The table is certainly heavy in a literal sense, but from a design perspective the overall look of the piece is actually surprisingly light on its feet. The legs are slim and elegant, the table itself thin and perfectly rounded.

Free Range is the perfect name for this table. The design has a loose, creatively uninhibited feel that is borne out in the execution, and the finished product would be just as much at home in your den or on permanent display in your favorite art museum or sculpture garden. Just one more boundary-breaking piece of furniture from the visionaries at Blu Dot, brought to you by the furniture lovers at Smart Furniture.

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Standard Ground Shipping
Standard ground shipping includes delivery by FedEx or UPS to your door or main lobby. Once shipped, items generally arrive within 2-5 business days. Simple, fast and easy service.
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The Blu Dot Free Range comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.