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Hans Wegner CH339 Table by Carl Hansen

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Finish : Beech, Soap Finished
Custom Manufactured
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Finish - Beech, Soap Finished

Package Size:
100.4" h | 48.4" w | 5.9" d

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CH339 Dining Table
from Carl Hansen & Son
designed by Hans Wegner

Designed by Hans Wegner in 1962, the simple and elegant CH339 Dining Table is the ultimate solid wood oval dining table. Large, yet not overwhelming in its presence, this extension table stands lightly on slightly tapering wood legs. The slender legs are offset perfectly by a 1" thick solid wood tabletop with a symmetrically formed frame.

The CH339 Dining Table is available with up to 4 optional extension leaves, in matching wood or laminated MDF in black or grey (used to save $$$ if you know that you always drape your table for large parties). Here's the complicated part, if you want the table to have MORE than 2 leaves (i.e. 3 or 4 leaves) a more expensive version of the table is necessary than what we offer here. The reason is because the version we have for sale can only support 1-2 leaves with the hardware and supporting legs it comes with. Feel free to call us at 888-467-6278 for further clarification or to order leaves.


  • 28.3" h | 94.5" w | 45.3" d
  • Tabletop: 1" thick
  • Distance between legs: 48.9" (sides) x 27.6" (ends)
  • Leaves: 45.3" x 23.6" each
  • Made from solid wood in ash, beech, oak or walnut
  • Seats 8, up to 16 when extended with optional leaves
  • Optional leaves sold separately

Quick Ship versions (please call us at 888-467-6278 to order):

Oak | Oil Finish | 2 Leaves | $8,245

Materials & Measurements


Solid ash, beech, oak, or walnut
MDF (black or grey leaves only)


28.3" h | 94.5" w | 45.3" d

Tabletop: 1" thick
Leaves: 45.3" x 23.6"
Distance between legs: 48.9" (sides) x 29.3" (ends)

0 leaves 45.3" x 94.5"
1 leaf 45.3" x 118.1"
2 leaves 45.3" x 141.7"

*Available with upgraded table frame that has the hardware and supporting legs for 3 or 4 leaves
3 leaves 45.3" x 165.3"
4 leaves 45.3" x 188.9"

CH339 seating
No Leaves

CH339 seating
1 Leaf

CH339 seating
2 Leaves

CH339 seating
3 Leaves

CH339 seating
4 Leaves

Environmental Information

Carl Hansen & Son views sustainability through the lens of good design:

  • Furniture that is made to last, and that is timelessly designed, is sustainable

    One look at the classic furniture created by Hans Wegner and you know that none of these pieces will ever be unwanted, and they'll last a long, long time

  • Sustainable sourced materials should be used as much as possible

    Wood is FSC-certified, and comes from Danish and American forests

  • Treating employees well and taking care with production processes is sustainable

    Massages for everyone! Carl Hansen & Son employees get free, regular massages to keep them uninjured and happy
    Modern, energy-efficient equipment is used in combination with energy-conservation practices
    Scrap wood is burned to create energy
    Shipping cartons are made with as little material as possible
    Airfreight is reduced to a minimum

About The Manufacturer

Carl HansenThe family-owned Carl Hansen & Son has been producing hand-made pieces since 1908. However, it was not until the late 1940s that the Danish furniture house, under the direction of Holger Hansen (the "Son"), joined forces with Hans Wegner and began a partnership that would help further not just the company but the entire Danish Modern design style. Wegner's unique, modern designs initially tested the company's production team as it had previously dedicated itself to more traditionally home-style pieces. Under Holger Hansen's guidance the partnership flourished; in the 1950s and 1960s the Carl Hansen Company and Hans Wegner both received international acclaim for their boundary-pushing work. One of the first pieces to emerge from this partnership was the Wishbone Chair, one of four chairs that Wegner designed specially for Carl Hansen in 1949. While the company faced difficulties during the second half of the 20th century, including Holger Hansen's sudden death in 1962, Carl Hansen & Son persevered and began the 21st century with a renewed focus, set on bringing Danish Modern furniture back to the center of the design world. Since 2001, when grandson Knud Erik Hansen assumed control of the company, Carl Hansen & Son has expanded in Denmark, continued to produce top-quality, hand-crafted furniture, gone on producing successful Wegner designs, and introduced new, previously unseen pieces from the legendary Danish designer.

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Hans WegnerHans Wegner
One of the prime influences in Danish Modern design during its formative years, Hans Wegner first began to design furniture after attending the Carpenters' Guild Furniture Exhibits in Copenhagen, Denmark. Shortly after completing his studies at what is now The Danish Design School, he was tasked by Arne Jacobsen with designing all the furniture of his Arhus City Hall. After working with Jacobsen for a short time, he began designing furniture for the Carl Hansen & Son furniture company in 1949. From that partnership came classics such as the Wishbone Chair, Elbow Chair, Shell Chair, and Wing Chair. Still as fresh now as they were then, these enduring pieces of modern furniture bear testimony to Wegner's craftsmanship and inspiration.

Shipping & Delivery

Package Size:
100.4" h | 48.4" w | 5.9" d

For additional information, please see our shipping and delivery policies page.

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All Carl Hansen & Son furniture comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.