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Magic Hole Sofa by Kartell

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Magic Hole Sofa by Kartell
designed by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet

Kartell's Magic Hole Sofa has a silhouette like a sports car and the striking look of a Philippe Starck design. The straight linear surfaces are set off by swooping curves, with the matte finish of the sofa's body accented by the colorful, flared Magic Hole "pocket."

The Magic Hole Sofa is available in a monochromatic tone-on-tone (white, gray or black) version, or with contrasting fluorescent colors of orange or green on the interior hollow curve of the arms.

Made of batch-dyed polyethylene using the rotational molding technique, the Magic Hole series is comfortable, light, shock resistant and weatherproof.

Materials & Measurements

Materials: Batch-dyed polyethylene

Overall: 28.7" h x 55.5" w x 27.6" d
Seat height: 17.3"
Weight: 41.9 lbs

Cleaning & Care: Use a soft damp cloth with soap or a liquid detergent, preferably diluted with water. Do not use acetone, trichloroethylene, ammonia or other corrosive plastic cleaners. Avoid ethyl alcohol, which dulls the surface. We recommend always using a damp cloth to prevent plastic surfaces from becoming charged with static electricity which attracts dust. Also avoid abrasive solvents, cleaning powders and creams, steel wool or rough sponge cloths.

The Kartell Magic Hole Sofa is available in three fade-resistant colors including White, Black, and Grey. Made of the light plastic, polyethylene, the Magic Hole Sofa flexibly complements both indoor and outdoor spaces. While the materials may be light, there is no shortage of strength and durability. The collaboration between Kartell and Starck resulted in a sofa that reflects excellent innovation and foresight.

Environmental Information

Philippe Starck chose to build his Kartell Magic Hole Sofa out of smooth batch-dyed polyethylene plastic because of the eco-friendly nature of the material. It's Starck's opinion that creating products from materials that involve the killing of trees and plant life is a waste. He sees no sense in building something from wood that can be built from a high quality plastic. Bio-plastics developed from corn make even less sense to Starck. His research and conversations with scientists have helped him form the opinion that the world is currently undergoing a worldwide food shortage that will only grow as the years move on. The idea of using a vegetable like corn to build a piece of furniture or fill up a gas tank seems backwards to Starck. He sees no benefit in it and feels badly for the families that go without food each day so others can drive oversized vehicles that they don't really need. When approached on the subject of using recycled plastics, Starck declines that option as well. He doesn't believe in the strength of the material and doesn't find it to be a good quality product.

Durability and quality are very important to the designer. To be environmentally friendly, a product needs to be able to last. The longer a Magic Hole Sofa is around, the less need for resources to be devoted to building and shipping another sofa.

If damage to the sofa does occur, and there is no choice but to discard it, the Kartell Magic Hole Sofa is a fully recyclable product. Each piece of the sofa is labeled with the correct identification code that informs you of how to recycle it.

About The Manufacturer

KartellCreativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation: a combination of extraordinary factors together with a strategic vision of distribution has contributed to the lasting success of Kartell. By cultural and entrepreneurial choice, since its origins in 1949 the Italian manufacturer has chosen to characterize itself as the market leader in the production of designers articles which use technology and plastic materials. This choice requires a great understanding of materials and transformation technology. A leader in furniture design, Kartell addresses an international audience with a collection unique in originality, variety, size, and range.

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Philippe StarckFew designers have had an impact across the world of design like Philippe Starck. Winner of the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from The Designer magazine, Starck's most famous furniture pieces include the Ghost Chair series, the Bubble Club group, and the Ero S Chair. From modern furniture, restaurant interiors, to architecture, the French icon has made lasting impressions to all those exposed to his work. However, his most significant designs have been in the world of staggeringly original mass produced consumer goods, which have been sold in stores like Target across the United States. In addition to his mass-produced furniture, some of Starck's more notable projects have included designing the Optical Mouse for Microsoft, the interior of former French President Francois Mitterand's private apartment, and the Paramount Hotel in New York.

The son of an inventor and engineer, Philippe Starck is gifted with an imaginative mind. Starck combines this creativity with his architecture and design background to ensure every project he is involved with betters the world around him. Starck not only talks about improving the world we live in, but he lives out these beliefs in his everyday actions. Founder of an organic food company, Starck has begun designing affordable wind turbines for the homes of everyday people. His next green endeavors will include hydrogen vehicles and solar-powered boats.

Design Story

The Magic Hole Sofa is an extended, sweeping form of the Chair of the same name. Featuring the same reliance on playfulness and surprise, the same distinctive "magic holes," and the same confident mix of the curved and the straight line, it's a perfect modern sofa (that's also quite a bit easier to move around than your average leather bound behemoth). Designed by Phillipe Starck and working partner Eugeni Quitllet, this is a sofa with an incredible pedigree that has proved the value of it renown. It's also got one of the most fantastic, silly, and frankly glorious names we've ever come across as Smart Furniture.

The "magic holes" of the sofa are the deeply recessed pockets that are in the arms. These recesses are anything but dark or cave-like however. Painted in bright oranges and greens, they seem doorways into a more colorful and provocative inner life. Like a chair with eyes - windows into the soul. The Magic Hole Sofa is nothing if not playful, teasing, and surprising. For many angles you can't even see the holes, which just happen to be the main element of the design. So even to people who see or use the sofa everyday, the holes can still be a daily "surprise."

The magic of great design is that it makes something ordinary extraordinary, either in form, function, or both. With this piece Starck has produced something that is beautiful, delightful, comfortable, lightweight, and actually weatherproof. This would be a good sofa even without the holes - but with them it elevates to a whole new level of artistic success.

Paired with the matching chair, or just on its own, the Magic Hole Sofa is a beautiful addition to any living room, den, or outdoor area. It's built to be gorgeous but it's also tough and light on its feet. Shock resistant and weatherproof, it's a piece of furniture for all seasons.


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KartellMagic Hole Sofa

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It looks fantastic


from Bay Area, California

Verified Buyer

Comments about Kartell Magic Hole Sofa:

I purchased the black sofa with the green holes. The lead time seemed very long at about 10 weeks. It arrived intact in a large box. I was a bit disappointed with the green inlay. I was expecting a color insert but instead it appears to be painted. The edges on one of the holes were slightly smudged. Considering the price of the plastic sofa, I was surprised that it wasn't picked up by quality control. The sofa is not the most comfortable. The back is relatively low and does not provide a lot of support.
Having said all that, I love the sofa. I bought it for it's looks and I am very pleased with how it modernizes the patio. It is a stunning piece.

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Product Q&A

Q: Can the Magic Hole Sofa be used outside?

A: Yes, it is suitable for outside use.

The Magic Hole Sofa will stand the test of time and maintain the fullness of its color no matter what weather conditions may come its way. The Magic Hole Sofa doesn't have to become one more concern of yours around your home or business.

Q: What about rain?

A: You can rest assured that your sofa will allow for proper water drainage because of the slot at the intersection of the seat and backrest.

Q: What about direct sunlight?

A: You can be confident in the fade-resistant plastics used by Kartell to construct your Magic Hole Sofa. You can expect that same vibrant color will be there season after season, because the Magic Hole Sofa is resistant to UV rays.

Q: What about humidity?

A: The light plastic, polyethylene, used to manufacture your Kartell Magic Hole Sofa makes sure you, your guests, or your clients will not feel like they're sticking to the seat when it's warm outside.

Product Q&A


The Magic Hole Sofa comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.