Original Cubitec Shelves, 3 Kits


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Original Cubitec Shelving- 3 Kits
designed by Doron Lachisch

Cubitec is a scalable storage and organization solution that takes the form of square shelving. Cubes, if you will. And why wouldn't you? With these ingenious units you can create shelves as long, tall, or tiny as you want. No matter what kind of space you need to transform with attractive, multipurpose shelving and storage, you can adapt Cubitec units to get the job done.

What's to Like:

The completely customizable nature of the product is the most appealing thing about it. They can scale up or down, fit any space. And that's a rare quality in a piece of furniture. Also rare? A piece of furniture that can be turned into an elaborate playhouse for your cats.

What's Not to Like:

The plastic look of the shelves can be great for some rooms, not so great for others. If you're going for gravitas in your shelving solutions, these aren't exactly it.

Bottom Line:

These are great solutions for your storage and organization problems. They can scale and fit in any room, any place. Just make sure the mesh with your decor.

Each durable plastic shelf can be built vertically or horizontally, easily adapting to the needs of your space. Lightweight injection-molded polypropylene composition provides exceptional strength and a modular shelving option. Equally suited for both residential and commercial use.

100% recyclable. Each Cubitec shelf space supports up to 55 lbs.

Dimensions: 90" h x 54" w x 10" d (as shown)
Interior dimensions (each cube): 15.5" h x 15.5" w x 10" d

*Please note that original Cubitec shelving is not compatible with Cubits shelving units.

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