Shop All Cubitec & SmartCubes <span style="font-size: 90%; color: rgb(68, 68, 68);"><strong>Cubitec and Cubits: Modular Plastic Shelving by Doron Lachisch</strong><br />The <strong>Original Cubitec</strong> shelves and the <strong>Original Cubits</strong> (SmartCubes) are lightweight, portable, and customizable, and are a perfect compliment to any space. Choose from popular shelving configurations using one or multiple kits below, or design your own with our award-winning staff. Call 888-467-6278 or chat online today.<br /><br />A stylish alternative to bulky shelves you find everywhere else, the original Cubitec shelving and SmartCubes are the perfect solution for storage and organization. These modular plastic shelves can be built horizontally or vertically, easily adapting to the needs of your space. Designed by Doron Lachisch, both Smart Cubes and Cubitec shelves are lightweight, dynamic shelves that can be used in a variety of spaces.<br /><br />SmartCubes, the original Cubits, are available with optional doors and/or backs, giving you the choice of open and airy or concealed storage. Cubits shelving is a dynamic display or storage system that's perfect for those looking for a contemporary look. Cubitec offers a slightly lower-profile design with less depth, making it a great choice for smaller spaces. Both modular plastic shelves employ lightweight injection-molded polypropylene construction that provides exceptional strength and durability, with each cube shelf section having the ability to hold up to 55 lbs. Their modularity and modern style makes them perfectly suited for living rooms, home offices, bathrooms, and more. To top things off, Cubits shelves and Cubitec shelves are 100% recyclable - keeping your conscience clean and our environment green. </span>
Item #: CTECH006

Original Cubitec Shelves, 6 Kits


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Original Cubitec Shelving - 6 Kits
designed by Doron Lachisch

Cubitec shelves in Lime Green and Orange are in stock and ready to ship, with orders usually arriving within 2-4 business days of purchase date for destinations within the contiguous United States. Cubitec shelves in translucent white will be available in early February -- please give us a call at 888-467-6278 for the most recent stock updates.

Each Cubitec shelving kit can be built vertically or horizontally, easily adapting to the needs of your space. Lightweight injection-molded polypropylene composition provides exceptional durability.

100% recyclable. Available in translucent white, orange and lime green. Each Cubitec shelf space supports up to 55 lbs.

Cubitec dimensions: 54.5" h x 35.5" w x 10" d (per kit)
Interior dimensions (each cube): 15.5" h x 15.5" w x 10" d

*Please note that Cubitec is not compatible with Cubits shelving units.

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