Stressless Granada Loveseat, Highback


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Granada Loveseat, Highback
by Ekornes Stressless

The Granada Stressless Loveseat, and the Granada Stressless Sofa, are two of the latest and greatest designs from the comfort wizards at Ekornes. Similar to the chair, the sofa and the loveseat feature a rich leather upholstery and gentle, curving lines in the back and arms. While these two pieces of furniture wouldn't seem out of place in even the most high-end living room, they're still all about comfort; each individual panel can be reclined, just like the chairs.

Every Ekornes chair excels in the three main elements of chair and recliner design: Comfort, Support, and Style. The Granada Stressless Sofa and the Granada Stressless Loveseat are no different. The magic of the Ekornes line is the seamless and nearly paradoxical joining of beautiful design with elegant engineering, both of which are mostly hidden behind a veneer of true aesthetic worth. This isn't just a recliner, or a loveseat; it's a new kind of leisure chair.

There is no chair, loveseat or couch on the market that's more comfortable than the Granada Stressless Chair, or the Granada Stressless Loveseat. At every level of production great care is taken to make sure the chair is as relaxing and, well, stressless as it can possibly be. The finished product bears out the fruit of all that innovation and constant improvement. The upholstery of the pieces is attractive and luxurious, the creamy color of the leather and the gentle lines of the sofa/loveseat setting off the softness, the richness of the material. The wooden accents are lovely as well, and add to the overall comfortable look of the sofa/loveseat. Internally, systems like Plus and Glide make the chair a wonder of ergonomic engineering.

To keep you as comfortable as possible while you're sitting, your body has to be as balanced as possible. To achieve this balance, the chair you sit in needs to be able to read your body and respond, without adjustment, to your every move and position. Sounds like science fiction, but it's not; it's Stressless. The Glide system controls recline, and is essential to the balancing aims of the chair. With a single adjustment upon first sitting in the piece, the Glide system takes over. When you want to recline, all you need do is lean back, and the furniture moves with you. Keeping you comfortable, keeping you balanced, and keeping you snugly in your Granada Stressless Sofa or Granada Stressless Loveseat.

The Plus system helps you keep you supported by filling space between your lower back (lumbar region) and the chair, and by moving your headrest to properly and healthily support your head, neck, shoulders and back. Support is a vital function in the Granada Stressless Sofa and Loveseat line, and ergonomic science has shown the way. If your body remains properly supported, you can see increases in health, focus, productivity, and mental acuity. Better circulation and less stress will do that for you!

In the end, the comfort, style, and incredible support of the Granada Stressless Loveseat and the Granada Stressless Sofa can't be beat.

Ekornes Stressless

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Materials & Measurements

Overall: 39.4" h x 67.7" w x 30.7" d
Seat height: 17.3"
Seat depth: 21.3"

Materials & Fabrics:
To get a closer look at the upholstery options and wood finishes for the Stressless Granada Highback Loveseat visit our Ekornes Stressless Materials Library.

About The Manufacturer

Ekornes StresslessEkornes® Stressless®

Comfort is the primary goal of the entire Stressless line. Since 1971, when they first introduced themselves to the world, Ekornes has been interested in bringing the world's most comfortable seating experience to a wider and wider audience.

Ekornes is a Norwegian company, and they made their name and reputation on the Stressless line of home furnishings. While the Stressless Recliner is undoubtedly their most significant product in a historical sense, the Ekornes Stressless Sofa concedes no ground when it comes to the three most important aspects of home furnishing design; comfort, support, and style. In this sense the sofas are not redundant products, but serious and inspired variations and continuations on a theme; total comfort, total relaxation, total balance and fit. The principles of the Ekornes lines were laid out in detail with the first recliners, but only with the advent of the Ekornes Stressless Sofa has the fullness of their vision come into clear focus.

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Frame: warranted for 10 years
Foam casings: warranted for 5 years
Wood base: warranted for 5 years
Leather/fabric: warranted for 1 year