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Turnstone Cobi Stool by Steelcase

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Ships out May 31 - June 5
Arms : No Arms
Frame Color : Black
Casters : Carpet Casters
Color : Licorice Cogent Connect
In Stock
Ships out May 31 - June 5

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Color | Licorice Cogent Connect
Frame Color | Black
Arms | No Arms
Casters | Carpet Casters

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Cobi Stool by Turnstone
designed by Turnstone Design Studio and Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd

Meet Cobi, the newest addition to Turnstone's home office and task seating collection.

At A Glance:
The Cobi Chair and Stool are sometimes referred to as being very "Mac-ish," because its design is so similar to the bulky, white Apple monitors of years past. The Cobi Stool, too, has a white outline with bright, bold color on the seat and seat back, and the design of the chair makes it appear to be unfolding, the way a laptop might. It's also quite small and slight.

What's To Like:
The smallness of the stool and the complete lack of bulk or clutter when it comes to adjustments, armrests, and features, make it very freeing. The stool was designed so that you could constantly shift positions without getting uncomfortable. The open design of the chair combined with the bright, light-hued color makes the stool so fresh you may want to slap it. And it starts at $639, so if the aforementioned slapping episode were to get out of hand, you could replace it very easily.

What's Not to Like:
Again, this is not a stool for tall, large, or heavy people. It can't hold just any old passenger in a deeply comfortable way. There are also no big features and few adjustments.

The Bottom Line:

It's high gloss, high fun, high color and style, and it's meant to embrace movement. This is not a work-ten-hour-days chair, or a one-size-fits-all heavy duty work chair. It's the fun, fresh Cobi.

Standard Cobi Stool features include:

  • Flexing top edge: The Cobi stool allows users to rest their heads, arms, backs, even legs on top of the stool, supporting a variety of postures. The flexing edge takes pressure off the back, shoulders and limbs that use it for support, as well as increases circulation. Cobi makes you more comfortable, looser and more free to move as you please.
  • Flexing back: Provides comfort and support for users. The Cobi also conforms and contours to the shape and pressure of your back and shoulders.
  • Flexing seat: Encourages users to move and shift, and allows for any variety of postures. Whether you're laid back or posture-perfect, Cobi works for you.
  • Weight-activated mechanism: Sensing your center of gravity, the Cobi adjusts to the position that will put the least amount of stress on the back, shoulders and legs, while still keeping you properly oriented and supported.
  • Adjustable Seat height: Cobi accommodates different heights and leg lengths. To raise or lower the Cobi stool, just pull the lever up.
  • Adjustable Foot Ring
    Raise or lower the foot ring height up to 4 inches.

Choose from a wide variety of configurations, from a large selection of upholstery colors and base and frame finishes, arms or no arms - Cobi fits virtually any work style and any space.

The Turnstone Cobi Stool is also known by the following manufacturer item numbers: 434710, 434711.

Turnstone Volume Discount

Materials & Measurements

Powder-coated steel, glass-reinforced nylon, polypropylene and 100-percent polyester fabric

Overall: 40"-50" h x 24.75" w x 23.25" d
Seat Pan Angle: 0.5 percent
Seat-to-back Angle: 97 percent to 104 percent
Seat Height from Floor: 21" - 31"
Seat Depth: 19.5"
Functional Seat Depth: 17 7/8"
Seat Width: 18.75"
Back Height from Seat: 19.5"

Back Width: 18"
Back Lumbar Height: 9 3/8"
Arm Height from Seat: 9"
Arm to floor: 30" - 39 1/2"
Width between Arms: 18 7/8"

Weight Capacity:
Weight tested up to 300 lbs. with no loss of performance

Care Instructions:
For the Cobi Stool's plastic and painted parts, clean using a mild household cleaner (like Fantastic or 409) and wipe with a soft, dry cloth. For Cobi's Connect fabric, use a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning. Do not steam clean. Most stains can be removed by applying a mild soap to a slightly damp cloth, then rubbing it gently over the stain. Wipe dry.

Environmental Information

Cobi is Indoor Air Advantage certified and is a Cradle to Cradle Gold certified product.

Read more about the Cobi Chair's environmental information.

About The Manufacturer

Whatever you need to accomplish in your home office, Steelcase can provide you with the tools to do it better, faster and more effectively. That's because they're passionate about unlocking the potential of people at work. It's the fundamental principle on which the company was founded in 1912, and it's being brought to your home office today. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Steelcase is an international company with approximately 13,000 employees worldwide, manufacturing facilities in over 28 locations and more than 800 dealer locations around the world.

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Cobi is the product of dedicated research and implementation by some of the finest furniture designers in the business. The Cobi was created by Turnstone in collaboration with Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd. Their creation arose out of a desire to find the perfect chair to support someone who is sitting for long periods of time. Pearson wanted to strip the chair down to its essentials, in an attempt to get at its one true purpose - comfort. Cobi Stool

By that standard, Cobi is a success. With only one adjustable feature (seat height), the Cobi will not require an instruction manual or a training course to get comfortable. When you buy Cobi and take a seat, you'll immediately recognize what Pearson and Co. had in mind. The weight-activated seat mechanism in Cobi senses your center of gravity and adjusts. You don't have to do a thing. Simply relax as the back, seat, and top edge of the chair contour to your body. Unlike most office chairs, Cobi is responsive to any way of sitting. The weight activation mechanism means you can sit in the center, off to the side, or any other way you please. This is a feature that was paramount to the creative process behind Turnstone Cobi's production. Pearson desired a smart chair that would support a wide variety of styles and personalities.

The first Cobi Chair design idea was "fingers" that fan out along the seat back and flex to adjust to the occupant's posture. This fits in with the idea of being simple, yet useful. After all, when you're sitting in a meeting, do you really want to spend time moving knobs and levers, adjusting each inch to get the right feel? We didn't think so. The folks at Turnstone achieved a productive comfortable feel with the Cobi without creating a chair that is static or heavy. In fact, the opposite is true. Everything about the Cobi Chair is designed for it to be an extension of your body, to move with you. This includes the new Cogent Connect 3D fabric, a knit material that is breathable, soft, and flexible.

What more could you ask for? Turnstone and Luke Pearson sought a solution to a seemingly simple problem - comfort in the home or office. What they have done with the Cobi Chair is a reflection of their commitment to this end. Buy Cobi today for no frills comfort with a purpose, keeping you focused on what's important, not on your chair.

Every part of Cobi was designed to flex and adjust to your body. Cobi's top flexing edge lets you comfortably rest your arm on top of the chair, while the flexing seat encourages you to move around and shift, allowing you to sit centered or off to the side. Cobi's flexing back contours to support any posture your body needs at any given moment.

Turnstone received the prestiguous 2009 Red Dot Design Award for Cobi. The Red Dot Award, formally known as Design Innovations, is ranked among the largest design competitions.

The modern office environment also demands productive collaboration now more than ever. Decisions are made synergetically, and working together effectively has become just as important as working at the individual level. With this in mind, Turnstone asked, "Can we make collaborative seating better?"

The answer is yes. The Cobi Chair is designed specifically to foster collaboration.

Design Story

When Turnstone created the Cobi chair and stool, they created a whole new category of seating products designed specifically for the needs of collaboration: meetings, long nights, movement back and forth between spaces. The Cobi chair was designed specifically to foster that kind of collaboration and thrive in that environment. Cobi was based on three Turnstone research observations that resulted in three key insights.

    The observations:
  1. Collaboration takes time. Cobi would need to be an adaptable, flexible chair for long periods of sitting.
  2. People don't adjust their chairs in collaborative settings. When you're listening to a presentation or putting heads together over a tough problem, adjusting your chair is the last thing on your mind. Luckily Cobi has taken care of that issue by being intuitive and responding automatically to all kinds of pressure and varieties of gravitational centers.
  3. People change postures frequently while collaborating. Nervous energy, the flow of ideas, and the long hours make meetings prime-time for shifting and re-adjusting the position of your body. The Cobi chair is designed to handle that very thing.
    The insights:
  1. The Cobi chair should promote movement and be comfortable for long periods of time.
  2. Adjustments to Cobi should be automatic and intuitive.
  3. Cobi should support multiple postures.

The Turnstone Cobi chair is a rousing success on all three fronts.

The Turnstone Cobi chair encourages movement and supports and contours to a variety of postures. With only one adjustment (seat height), and a mechanism that's weight activated and senses and supports your own center of gravity, anyone can get comfortable quickly.

In addition to the features already listed, the Turnstone Cobi chair has a wide range of options:

  • Stool version available (with and without arms)
  • Armless chair available
  • Four finish colors: black, near black, platinum and arctic white
  • Optional sewn seat cushion to accommodate various fabric, leather and vinyl options.
  • Seat is available with Turnstone and Designtex fabric, leather, or vinyl - as well as customer's own material, customer's own leather, or customer's own vinyl.
  • Connect 3D material is standard on the chair back with matching Cogent: Connect seat, or with a seat upholstery of your choice.

Shipping & Delivery

Free Standard Ground Shipping: Free

We love free shipping offers and we thought you might too! And just because it's free doesn't mean we skimp on service. The Cobi Stool ships with FedEx ground service and includes delivery directly to your front door or main office. Once shipped, this item will generally arrive within 2-5 business days. Keep in mind that FedEx will require an indirect signature before they leave the package with you. This means that someone at the delivering address (you, your spouse, friend, neighbor, concierge) will have to sign for the package. Alternatively, you can leave a note on your door for FedEx to leave the box in the event no one will be home on the day of delivery.

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Read about the Cobi Stool's warranty.