The Aeron Chair's Warranty


Aeron Chair Warranty

The Aeron Chair comes with a 12-Year Warranty

What is the real value of an office chair? How can it be measured? In hours worked? Years of service? Comfort? Looks?

There are myriad criteria for evaluating your office chair, and they vary—of course—from person to person. But there is one kind of value which all users can enjoy and agree on: monetary value. The value of the chair rests not only in its stunning design, high-performance function, aesthetic quality, and comfort and support, but also in the projected value of the chair over its lifetime (and that of its warranty). While the Aeron Chair will go a very long way toward making you healthier, more comfortable, and better supported at work, another factor of the chair that brings real comfort and satisfaction is the excellent warranty. At Smart Furniture, we take the question of liability and product quality very seriously. Because of that, Herman Miller has been a good partner for us.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

If a business isn't comfortable standing behind their products for meaningful periods of time, then they probably shouldn't be selling them. Of course, that includes the Aeron Chair, one of the finest products—and certainly among the finest office chairs—that we sell at Smart Furniture. We ally with companies that stand behind their products, so that we can also stand behind them. That's good for our customers, and that means it's good for us.

The Aeron chair comes with a 12 year warranty from Herman Miller, the first name in home and office design. Obviously, this represents a very serious commitment to the chair on the part of its manufacturer. How many companies stand behind their work to the extent that they guarantee it for 12 years? It's rare to find a warranty that lengthy in the furniture industry, and even rarer that an office chair has the quality and stamina to actually perform to that high standard. But the Aeron Chair stands up to the sky-high expectations engendered by such a generous warranty. Forged in the crucible of invention and high-wire design fostered at Herman Miller by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, the chair stands as a monument to modern design and as the first major office chair to crash the design-as-art scene.

The Aeron Chair was placed on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York because of its commitment to aesthetic risk-taking in combination with exquisitely planned and executed—as well as innovative and cutting edge—ergonomic features. Here was a chair that could truly improve your work day, your office, even your productivity. Here was a chair that protected your back and shoulders from the wear and tear of prolonged sitting and the ravages of bad posture. The Aeron Chair provided the doorway to a whole new realm of thinking about office chairs; it brought ergonomics to the front line of scientific and technical inquiry; it improved the comfort and working life of hundreds of thousands of Americans. How many chairs can do that? And, just as importantly and possibly more impressively, how many can do it for 12 years? That kind of commitment to quality and durability is so rare that it's enough to rank the Aeron Chair ahead of its peers when it comes to value and durability over time ... as if it wasn't already ahead enough, with its first-rank design, quality, pedigree, comfort, sustainability, and aesthetic.

The designers of the Aeron Chair, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, as well as all the engineers and artists at Herman Miller, are more than just proud of their mold-breaking creation; they're standing behind it by asserting in no uncertain terms that it will stand the test of time—not only in memory and critical evaluation, but in physical integrity. 12 years is an eternity in the world of furniture, and especially in the world of the modern office chair, where trends and materials change at break-neck pace. But the Aeron Chair is built to last, and 12 years may be just the beginning of its life.

When you buy a chair as comfortable, adaptable, attractive, and ergonomic as the Aeron, you'll have every reason to keep it around that long and longer. The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is the most popular and most critically acclaimed office chair in history. But it's also one of the best values. At just $629 for the base model, the Aeron pays for itself in comfort, health, and increased productivity. It's unlikely that you'll abandon the chair after 12 years of use because of any fault on the part of the chair, meaning that you can spend under 700 dollars on a product you'll use every working day over the rest of your life, one that will tangibly change your working experience for the better. That's a steal. However, if you do choose to part ways with the chair after the warranty runs out, you'll still have made a pretty stunning investment.

Over the life of its warranty, the chair will cost you only 14 cents a day. That's less than almost anything you can imagine buying. How much would you pay per day to be more comfortable, healthier, and more productive at work? Get value. Buy an Aeron today.

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