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Brazo Floor Lamp
by Pablo Designs

At A Glance:
The Brazo is the flagship Floor Lamp of Pablo Designs, a firm that prides itself on creating the most innovative, user-friendly lighting devices available. "Brazo" is Spanish for "arm," and the arm of the Brazo Lamp can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees. The Brazo Lamp also features an ultra long-lasting LED bulb with full range dimmer and light spread control, so you can adjust the brightness as well as the spread of the light.

(We can't help but mention that the Brazo Lamp won the Best of Show and Best in Lighting categories at Neocon 2007 - the first lighting product to win Best of Show at Neocon. This unique lamp also won the 2008 IDEA Gold Award.)

What's To Like:
Good looks are one thing, and there are a number of lamps that share Brazo's attractive qualities. But where the Brazo lamp set itself apart is in its adjustability - a feature of good design that lies beneath the surface. This modern floor lamp's full range of physical adjustment and light modulation will make sure that you have exactly the light you need for what you're doing, whether it's reading or just relaxing with people you love.

What's Not To Like:
At first glance, the price seems steep - but when you remember the awards this lamp has won and the full adjustment it brings to the table, it makes more sense. Pablo Designs knows they've created a quality floor lamp, and they've priced Brazo accordingly.

The Bottom Line:
Despite its price tag, the Brazo Floor Lamp is a smart choice as an ambient or reading light, due to its adjustability and sleek design. With dimmer control and tilt/rotation/light spread controls, it will provide exactly the light you need.


  • Dimensions: 48" h x 27" w (7" height adjustable)
  • 18X LED bulb with a lifespan over 20 years at normal use (no LED replacement required); 3200K with 8.5W
  • Lamp is 97% recyclable and comes in 100% recyclable packaging
  • Calibrated variable beam spread and light focus control
  • 7" height adjustable support arm
  • Infinite arm rotation and 90 degree tilt adjustment
  • Arm contains an outer shade that lets you easily switch between broad or focused lighting
  • Dial located at the back of the arm offers full dim control
  • Scratch resistant anodized finishes with machined aluminum construction

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