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Bubble Club Chair
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Bubble Club is the industrial club chair in which rotational moulding technology has enabled Kartell to mass produce.
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Bubble Club Chair

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Bubble Club Chair
by Kartell
designed by Philippe Starck

Kartell's Bubble Club Chair by designer Philippe Starck transcends the expected and offers a sleek, industrial design that fits a myriad of commercial and residential spaces. The all-plastic construction ensures the Bubble Club Chair's durability and keeps it's modern appearance fresh for years of enjoyment.

The Kartell Bubble Club Chair is the perfect piece of furniture to bring into a room. It blends industrial design with contemporary construction and offers multiple design options when laying out a space. With the ability to be used in different configurations, the chair is able to provide an air of sophistication and be the center piece of the room or easily fade into the background as a solitary sitting spot.

When designated as a focal point of the room, the Kartell Bubble Club Chair offers a classic styling that draws the attention of visitors as they enter. Designed to be as equally comfortable as it is beautiful, the chair allows for relaxed sitting while enjoying a party on a Saturday night or simply hanging out and watching a movie. A wide range of colors provide different options for creating the perfect room layout. Choose a color that blends with the chosen color scheme or go in a different direction and create a stark contrast that makes a bold statement in your design. With the colors, zinc white, terra cotta, pale green, pale yellow, pale grey and black available for selection, the Bubble Club Chair is ready for any space, including the office.

For a house with an out of the way area that needs a perfect "something" in a private spot, the Bubble Club Chair is the easy answer. Use the chair at the end of a hallway or in a little nook by the window upstairs. Accented with a beautiful lamp and end table, the chair makes an excellent sitting space or reading area. Hide from the outside world and get into a good book while relaxing in the comfort of sleek and stylish chair and your own secret spot.

Bedrooms often need a place that lets you sit while getting dressed or relax while having a private discussion about the day's events. For larger bedrooms, create an atmosphere that lets you unwind with a couple of Kartell Bubble Club Chairs by the fireplace or bay window. Bedrooms are meant to be places of comfort and relaxation. Sitting and relaxing in the Bubble Club Chair is an enjoyable way to rest in comfort and ponder everything happening in your life and family.

When deciding on what furniture would work best in your basement, the chair is the easy answer. If the "man pit" is packed with people on the edge of their seats and watching the game, make sure they're seats worth sitting on. The chair's durable construction guarantees it will be around for many seasons of watching your favorite team. And with the large selection of chair colors to choose from, we may have one available in your team's colors.

Thinking of creating that theater room you've always dreamed of? The Kartell Bubble Club Chair is the upgraded seating that will make you forget all about going out to the traditional movie theater. Layout the room with a row of chairs that give you a movie theater feel, but with the seating upgrade that lets you watch your favorite flick in comfort. Make it kids night without a concern because the durability and scratch resistance of these chairs can handle whatever your kids and their friends dish out. And don't worry about spills and drops. The plastic construction of the chair lets everyone enjoy their favorite snack as they watch the movie without causing you any concern.

When thinking of furniture to complete your vision of a perfect sunroom, consider a chair construction of quality materials that can handle the constant sunlight coming into the space. The Bubble Club Chair is constructed with smooth batch-dyed polyethylene plastic and is completely fade resistant. This will ensure years of use and enjoyment without having to worry about the sun altering or changing the color of your chair. The hard plastic construction provides a scratch resistant surface that lets you relax in your sunroom without worry. The Kartell Bubble Club Chair is safe from light scratches that could build up over time and take away from the beauty of the piece.

The chair makes just as much sense on your patio as it does your sunroom. The versatile construction makes it the perfect piece to help you create an outside oasis that allows you to relax the day away. When company comes over for a summer time cook-out, the chair provides comfortable outdoor seating without sacrificing personal style. Made of weather resistant materials, the chair can remain outside through the rain, sleet, heat and snow. The natural water resistance of the polyethylene plastic makes the chair an excellent choice for pool side furniture as well. Include the sofa and side table from the Bubble Club Collection, and you have a stylish set of furniture that enhances the aesthetic beauty of your swimming area and backyard landscape. The light weight construction makes it easy to carry the furniture back and forth from patio to poolside.

Anywhere you look in your home is a good spot for the Kartell Bubble Club Chair. The industrial design and solid construction make it the easy answer for fashionable furniture that allows you to relax in comfort. Bring home the Bubble Club Chair today and start sitting in style.

See what others like Boston Legal's Denny Crane and Alan Shore already know. Buy a Kartell Bubble Club Chair today.

Design Story

Kartell's Bubble Club follows the design of the Bubble Club Sofa, which won Italy's most notable design award, the Compasso d'Oro, in 2001. The Bubble Club Chair has been found in modern living rooms, waiting rooms, patios, decks, and lounges around the world. More notably, the Bubble Club Chair is a regular on the television series Boston Legal, where characters Denny Crane and Alan Shore regularly end each episode sitting in two Club Chairs on Crane's balcony. Because the Club Chair is scratch resistant, weatherproof, and resistant to UV rays, this balcony setting makes a perfect environment for the Bubble Club collection.

Embrace the modern industrial design of the Bubble Club collection. Buy the Bubble Club Chair today and experience innovation at its best.

The Bubble Club Chair is part of our awesome list Top 10: Furniture that Would Confuse Your Grandmother.

About the Designer

Philippe StarckFew designers have had an impact across the world of design like Philippe Starck. Winner of the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from The Designer magazine, Starck's most famous furniture pieces include the Ghost Chair series, the Bubble Club group, and the Ero S Chair. From modern furniture, restaurant interiors, to architecture, the French icon has made lasting impressions to all those exposed to his work. However, his most significant designs have been in the world of staggeringly original mass produced consumer goods, which have been sold in stores like Target across the United States. In addition to his mass-produced furniture, some of Starck's more notable projects have included designing the Optical Mouse for Microsoft, the interior of former French President Francois Mitterand's private apartment, and the Paramount Hotel in New York.

The son of an inventor and engineer, Philippe Starck is gifted with an imaginative mind. Starck combines this creativity with his architecture and design background to ensure every project he is involved with betters the world around him. Starck not only talks about improving the world we live in, but he lives out these beliefs in his everyday actions. Founder of an organic food company, Starck has begun designing affordable wind turbines for the homes of everyday people. His next green endeavors will include hydrogen vehicles and solar-powered boats.

About the Manufacturer

KartellCreativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation: a combination of extraordinary factors together with a strategic vision of distribution has contributed to the lasting success of Kartell. By cultural and entrepreneurial choice, since its origins in 1949 the Italian manufacturer has chosen to characterize itself as the market leader in the production of designers articles which use technology and plastic materials. This choice requires a great understanding of materials and transformation technology. A leader in furniture design, Kartell addresses an international audience with a collection unique in originality, variety, size, and range.

Materials & Measurements

Materials: Batch-dyed polyethylene

Overall: 31.5" h x 41" w x 30" d
Seat height: 17.75"
Arm height: 27.25"

Cleaning & Care: Use a soft damp cloth with soap or a liquid detergent, preferably diluted with water. Do not use acetone, trichloroethylene, ammonia or other corrosive plastic cleaners. Avoid ethyl alcohol, which dulls the surface. We recommend always using a damp cloth to prevent plastic surfaces from becoming charged with static electricity which attracts dust. Also avoid abrasive solvents, cleaning powders and creams, steel wool or rough sponge cloths.

The Kartell Bubble Club Chair is available in six fade-resistant colors including, Zinc White, Terra Cotta, Black, Pale Green, Pale Yellow, and Pale Grey. Made of the light plastic, polyethylene, the Bubble Club Chair flexibly complements both indoor and outdoor spaces. While the materials may be light, there is no shortage of strength and durability. The collaboration between Kartell and Starck resulted in an armchair that reflects excellent innovation and foresight. Not only did Starck design grooves along the seat to allow for proper water drainage on the Bubble Club, but the consistency of the particular plastic Kartell uses is unlikely to make those who sit on the Bubble Club Chair feel like they're sticking to the seat.

Environmental Information

Philippe Starck chose to build his Kartell Bubble Club Chair out of smooth batch-dyed polyethylene plastic because of the eco-friendly nature of the material. It's Starck's opinion that creating products from materials that involve the killing of trees and plant life is a waste. He sees no sense in building something from wood that can be built from a high quality plastic. Bio-plastics developed from corn make even less sense to Starck. His research and conversations with scientists have helped him form the opinion that the world is currently undergoing a worldwide food shortage that will only grow as the years move on. The idea of using a vegetable like corn to build a piece of furniture or fill up a gas tank seems backwards to Starck. He sees no benefit in it and feels badly for the families that go without food each day so others can drive oversized vehicles that they don't really need. When approached on the subject of using recycled plastics, Starck declines that option as well. He doesn't believe in the strength of the material and doesn't find it to be a good quality product.

Durability and quality are very important to the designer. To be environmentally friendly, a product needs to be able to last. The longer a Bubble Club Chair is around, the less need for resources to be devoted to building and shipping another chair.

If damage to the chair does occur, and there is no choice but to discard it, the Kartell Bubble Club Chair is a fully recyclable product. Each piece of the chair is labeled with the correct identification code that informs you of how to recycle it.


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Questions & Answers

Product Q&A

Q: Can the Bubble Club Chair be used outside?

A: Yes, it is suitable for outside use. The design world welcomed the result of Kartell and Philippe Starck's collaboration, which ultimately proved that modern furniture can look great, feel great, and pass the test of time. The Bubble Club Chair and the Bubble Club collection manage to provide the customer with flexibility, allowing owners of the Club collection to place their Club Chair outdoors. Kartell expanded the traditional ideas of what patio, deck, and outdoor furniture should look like. No longer does this furniture have to lack a contemporary sleekness in design and durable quality. With the Club Chair, Kartell brings a sophisticated design outside and ensures the product will be long-lasting due to its composition. As characters Denny Crane and Alan Shore from TV's Boston Legal will learn, the Bubble Club Chair will continue to look just as good on the first episode as it will on the 100th.

The Kartell Club Chair will stand the test of time and maintain the fullness of its color no matter what weather conditions may come its way. The Bubble Club doesn't have to become one more concern of yours around your home or business.

Q: What about rain?

A: You can rest assured that your chair will allow for proper water drainage because of the grooved design in the seat.

Q: What about direct sunlight?

A: You can be confident in the fade-resistant plastics used by Kartell to construct your Bubble Club Chair. If you have a Terra Cotta Club Chair, you can expect that same vibrant color will be there season after season, because the Bubble Club Chair is resistant to UV rays.

Q: What about humidity?

A: The light plastic, polyethylene, used to manufacture your Kartell Club Chair makes sure you, your guests, or your clients will not feel like they're sticking to the Club Chair seat when it's warm outside.

Q: Can the Bubble Club chair be stacked?
A: No, it cannot be stacked.


Bubble Club comes with a 1-year warranty.

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