Bubble Club Chair in the Office

The design of an office space can reach far across the spectrum. Some companies want a starched corporate look that lets people know their company is all about business. Other companies go for a looser design that lets people know they have a creative edge. And between those two extremes is everyone else. Luckily the Kartell Bubble Club Chair blends seamlessly with any office environment.

The industrial design of the chair allows companies to present a serious and straight corporate look that displays a high level of professionalism for potential clients and employees. An office layout is enhanced by the chair because it offers a level of sophistication to the overall design that lets people know your company is serious about working for them. An office design that displays style and class is a major part of making a good first impression. As clients and visitors walk into your office, having furniture like the Bubble Club Chair in the waiting room helps create the corporate atmosphere you want to convey. As comfortable as it is stylish, the chair makes a relaxing location for visitors to sit while they wait to speak with someone from your company.

When choosing the chairs to place in offices to provide comfortable seating for visitors, consider the Bubble Club Chair. Far too often a chair in an office is a leftover that other employees have discarded. This sends a message to visitors of unprofessionalism and a "just moved in" vibe. With this sleek and stylishly designed chair, comfort is restored to your visitors and the appearance of your office is enhanced. Discuss current goals and make decisions that move the company in the right direction all from the comfort of a chair that sends a message of professionalism and style.

Bubble Club Chair

Many companies have a dedicated space they use as a library. It's a convenience for a company to have a location in the office that holds all of the reference material for workers to use when conducting research. A room like this needs seating comfortable enough to allow people to sit for hours on end while investigating a particular subject. The chair has the firm back support and the comfortably rounded armrests that allow staff to study without feeling the discomfort that comes from sitting in one location for too long. The industrial design is similar to a classic style from an era when people had reading rooms. This design makes it an obvious choice for a location used for the purposes of engaged reading.

Some companies want to go in a design direction that is the polar opposite of the corporate look. Often companies that embrace fresh ideas and provide creative solutions to projects want a creative atmosphere to present to clients when they walk through the door. Advertising agencies and cutting-edge tech companies often view a modern and contemporary office layout as an integral part of what helps separate them from the competition. If you want to design an office that presents a creative vibe and shows how in touch your company is with modern style and design, the Kartell Bubble Club Chair is the perfect addition. The variety of colors allows you to play with various designs and create an office environment that shows off the creativity of your company.

Use the chair as part of a conference area design to allow co-workers to get together and brainstorm ideas and new approaches to company projects. A relaxed environment is a great contribution to aiding in the development of new solutions. An impromptu staff meeting can help work out directions and develop concepts as a team before retiring to their desks and working on individual project contributions. Meeting with co-workers in the sleek and stylish Bubble Club Chair is a comfortable way of sitting for a while and letting the conversation and ideas flow.

If your office has a kitchen area, then the Kartell Bubble Club Chair is a worry free long-lasting piece of furniture that is comfortable to sit on while eating. The smooth batch-dyed polyethylene plastic is scratch resistant to any dropped forks or knives and spills are easily wiped up. Create a kitchen arrangement built for the office, but as comfortable as the one you have at home.

For offices that have an outdoor patio, deck or balcony area, the versatility of the Bubble Club Chair makes it a quick and easy option. Made from weather resistant materials, the chair is able to withstand rain, heat, sleet and snow. The chair is fade resistant against the sun, so the color you choose for your outside area is the consistent color that will remain for the long term.

The Bubble Club Chair is easily adapted from formal to fun and back again depending on your office design requirements. Whatever furniture needs arise during the design of your office space, the Kartell Bubble Club Chair provides a comfortable place to sit and is a stylish addition to any space.