Celle Office Chair by Herman Miller

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Celle is available with fixed arms or fully adjustable arms.

Fixed arms are positioned 9" above the seat and leave you 18.5" between the armrests.

Adjustable arms have 4” of height adjustment and is adjusted by raising the arm height lever located under the outsides of the armpad of each arm and pulling the armpad up (to raise
arm height) or pushing the armpad down (to lower arm height). Fully adjustable arms sit 6.8" - 10.8" above the seat and adjust 5" horizontally so that you have between 15.5" and 20.5" inside the armpads. Arm width has 1” of adjustment and can be angled to 11° outward, neutral, and 11° inward. Adjustments are made by grabbing the middle portion of the armpad and pushing it inward or outward.

We always recommend the fully adjustable arms.
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