Win A Cobi Chair Contest

The Cobi Chair Contest is currently closed. Thanks for your stories!

Design Your Own 3-Minute Cobi Chair

The contest is over, but here's how it worked for those who are curious: we asked contestants about themselves, and why Cobi fit them. Points were awarded for compelling or interesting circumstances, mastery of the English language, knowledge of and interest in the Cobi Chair, among other things. We gave bonus points to people who sent us pictures of themselves and/or pictures of their current chair. Healthy (and proper) use of the word 'Cobi' garnered even more bonus points. We also gave away two additional chairs to those who received the most votes on Facebook and Twitter. Turnout was fantastic. Every day we had stories waiting to be read, and sometimes we had poems, ballads and videos. Thanks again to all who entered the contest.

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Here are a few details and rules: by sending us your story and/or pictures, you agree to let us share it/them with the world - keep in mind that the more entertaining or embarrasing the story, the more likely you will win. We will post some or all stories and pictures on our websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you win, you have to send us a picture of you in your new Cobi Chair - which we will share with the world. You have to live in the continental USA. You cannot work for or be related to anyone who does. You cannot be in prison. We will arbitrarily choose the winner based on the stories we like. It is not a drawing, as we are more random than that. All entries must be received by midnight, Eastern Standard Time, August 31, 2009. Winners will be announced September 4th, 2009.