The Cobi Chair's Ergonomics

The Cobi Ergonomic Chair In the age of mass produced computer chairs and technology intensive jobs, something has got to give. The majority of chairs available to the consumer are not flexible, supportive, or responsive enough to deal with the rigors of the workplace or home office. And to be frank, you would be better off standing up at a computer than sitting in a chair that offers poor or no support. Herein lies the value of ergonomics and a carefully designed chair like Cobi.

The Steelcase Cobi Chair adheres to the most fundamental principles of ergonomics, probably because it was derived from these very foundations. When Steelcase combined with Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd, they strove to build a "do-it-all" chair that followed through on its promise of comfort and support without unnecessary adjustments and add-ons. A sleek and efficient chair, Cobi gives its user exceptional support in every important region. Your back, especially the all-important lumbar region, and thighs will benefit from the hard work put into the trademark Steelcase Cobi design. All you have to do after you buy a Cobi is sit down and adjust the seat level to your height. Cobi will do the rest.

Cobi belongs to a new and innovative genre of chairs known by its designers as "collaborative" seating. This essentially means that the chair works with you to find the proper fit. The Cobi Chair feature that most embodies the collaborative style has to be the weight activated seat mechanism that finds your center of gravity and adjusts accordingly. This will come in handy for those who don't sit in just one position. And let's face it, none of us sit in the same position hour after hour, day after day. Other office chairs are immobile and fail to achieve the comprehensive approach that Pearson and Steelcase took in designing the Cobi Chair.

Buy Cobi today for a collaborative ergonomic experience that will leave you wondering what you ever did without it.